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  1. I interviewed on 2/26/19. Yes, I sent one in April updating my hours/shadowing/grades because in the interview result email, they mentioned we were able to send an update email to our application after April if you wanted to.
  2. I just got accepted off the waitlist as well! It feels so surreal and I just wanted to say I am so thankful for this forum and everyone on here. Don't lose hope and best of luck to those waiting!!
  3. Hi! I won't be able to make it due to time conflict but I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to set this up. It is appreciated very much!
  4. Yes, I believe so! I received the invitation to interview on 2/12 for 2/26.
  5. Yes, my last name starts with an L and I received the confirmation letter on 12/11/18. For those curious, I submitted the secondary on 11/26/18.
  6. Hi! I just received an interview today for 12/7. Anyone else going? Also I'm coming from California, are there any places to stay that you recommend? For those that are interested: -Submitted CASPA on 8/30/18, Completed preliminary review ("meets requirements") email on 10/30/18
  7. I am interviewing on the 18th as well! I would be interested in meeting up on the night of the 17th. Do we have an idea of the place and time?
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