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  1. At my interview (Monday) the student I spoke with told me it was the last day. And Rahima also told me Monday was the last day. So I dont know
  2. I was extended an interview invitation today. Any insight on the interview process? Thank you all and good luck to those who interviewed
  3. About three thousand characters, but they give you space for 5 thousand and don't explicitly state a limit anywhere. There's no fluff. I don't think I could say why UDM in only a few sentences lol. I'm sure its okay (hopefully). Thanks for your help!
  4. Where did you get that info? It's not on CASPA, their website and I've been to info meetings and didn't hear that either. Thank you
  5. On CASPA under documents, there is an area at the very bottom of the page for us to upload a document named shadowing/ healthcare hours. Does anyone know what we need to upload here or if we need to upload anything?
  6. I'd lean on the side of perhaps they didn't post on the forum or they don't use this forum to begin with. I dont think the individual interview days have anything to do with it. I wouldn't look too far into it. Best of luck in your future endevours.
  7. I just received an email from the program stating they received many questions regarding if the class was filled or not, it is not, and will not be by the time we interview, and that they would make their interviewers aware of that fact if it were. Good news! I received this email without asking myself.
  8. I was also extended an interview invite for November 30th
  9. Congratulations! Do you mind sharing your interview experience, I interview on 11/2 and look forward to it! I
  10. Do you know how many students the program interviews? ?
  11. I received an invite to interview today!
  12. I also received an invitation to interview as highly recommended!
  13. When did you receive the email that your application was going to further review?
  14. I wouldn't worry too much. In the e-mail, it states this is only the initial review to check that your application meets minimum requirements. If it does, it goes on to further review by two staff members. And it could take up to August 1st to complete. Hope this eases your mind ?
  15. They are non-rolling. They state on CASPA and their website that they give no preference to early applications and review all applications equally regardless of their submission date.
  16. I have a question regarding the upper level physiology requirement. What course did you submit for this requirement, did it have a lab? And how many credit hours did it have?
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