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  1. Unfortunately, I saw another post saying they sent out the last of their interview spots.
  2. One of the PAs I work with has told me that it really doesn't matter where you go to school and that it really takes a weight off your shoulder when you don't have as much debt to pay off. Her friends that went to more expensive programs are still paying off their loans. Two years pass by really quick and you can always find a job in NY after you graduate. BUT if you are really set with Pace and that's what you think will make you happy then I say go for it!
  3. Hey, I would definitely give them a call and also send out an email ASAP. I had the same problem as you and received a call and email from Major Hatchet stating he has opened up more spots for the interviews. I was able to make an appt for 10/22/18. @codeblack Thank you!!! I think they will be sending out another set of interviews later on for December!! Good luck with this cycle!!!!
  4. @arohr2523 Hey! and no it was not that bad at all. You should be fine. Good luck!!!!
  5. @codeblack I actually got my invite before sending my supplemental in too. I just have to send it in before my interview date according to their email. @sc47141n I also called the number and sent the program an email when I didn't get an answer. I guess we'll hear back from them on Monday
  6. Thank you! Congratulations to you as well!! They also left a phone number to call for any assistance so I'll definitely give them a call tomorrow.
  7. Same here! it says all spots are full I guess they will be opening more days?
  8. Hey guys, I just got back from my interview today and I only have positive things to say about the school. I got a really good vibe from both faculty and students. The interview was really laid back. They don't throw you curve balls. Just be yourself, know why you want to be a PA and you will do great!
  9. Hi guys, Congrats to everyone! I'll be going to the 9/17 interview (verified early July), excited to see everyone there! Also, anyone else planning on staying on a hotel? Any recommendations? Good luck everyone!!!!?
  10. Hi everyone, I recently submitted my application and it's been verified. However, I noticed a mistake on it in my family information. Instead of my father's name I guess I put down my name instead...which may have happened due to autofill option I have from my computer. I know there's no way to edit this after submitting, but is this going to be detrimental in my application?
  11. I had a great time reading your statement! You hit all the right marks. Good luck with your application!
  12. Hi! Just so you know I am also a pre-PA like you still working on my own PS. I think you did a great job in conveying your reasons of why you want to be a PA. I think one important thing you are missing is why YOU would be a good fit as a PA. I think you can trim down your PS overall and it needs to be more focus. The first paragraph, I don't think it's really necessary to include the anecdote on the crossfit. Honestly, I think you can start your PS from this point " From the time I was born as a premature identical twin I have been constantly surrounded by physicians, physician assistant
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