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  1. When do interviews run until? I got a call 4 days before an interview and got accepted. Don’t count yourself out until they tell you to.
  2. I would send it in. Don't count yourself out until they tell you to. I got an invite to interview 4 days before the Nov 4th date.
  3. Just checked my voicemail at work! I'm in as well from the 11/4 interview. So grateful. Tough choices because I've already been accepted to what I thought was my top choice. But WF teaches in a way no else is and it was amazing!
  4. I think you should just be as real as possible. It's possible to present yourself professionally without blurring the edges that make you unique. I think that's what helped me this cycle. Good luck.
  5. Just got my auto-reject. This is my second year applying. Not a huge disappointment - 3 interviews and 2 acceptances so far this cycle. I'm crazy happy for those of you who got in!
  6. I got a call and email today inviting me to the 11/4 interview. Someone must have backed out at the last minute. I submitted my application at the opening of the application season.
  7. The ‘pattern’ for this cycle has been early admission offers days before the next set of interviews. For example, I interviewed 9/21; I got a call on 10/4 the day before the 10/5 interviews.
  8. Been there! I had that feeling when the first couple rounds of invites went out and I hadn’t heard anything. I felt discouraged after meeting all the other candidates on interview day and wondering what the heck I was doing there. Days after, I knew I left opportunities to expand or say more on the table. It will work the way it’s supposed to. Don’t count yourself out until they tell you to.
  9. My decision letter said I had till the 18th. Just FYI, my email saying my decision was posted to the GW portal went to spam even though no other GW emails have.
  10. I just got the call. I actually cried over the phone. Interviewed on 9/21.
  11. I'd say the only likelihood that more invites are given is if there are people who decline and UNC opts to fill those vacancies. A little bummed I didn't get a call myself.
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