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  1. Thanks! I am from CT and want to practice here so I am going to accept! I declined a few interviews to other schools farther away, however I am still waiting on a few I still may consider.
  2. I received an acceptance to a Jan start school closer to home so I am declining my interview for 9/27. Hope this allows someone else the opportunity! :)))))
  3. At this point I kind of feel the same unfortunately...looks like they only did 3 rounds of interviews and started very early with invites so likely didn't get to review many applications. Kinda disappointed but still waiting on my other schools too.
  4. I applied the second week of August and got an interview last week!
  5. I sent in my CASPA 8/1 and my Supplemental 8/31. I understand that it was late in the cycle as it was close to their deadline, but has anyone heard of previous applicants getting interviews who applied in August?
  6. Mine was in the email with all the information and schedule that was sent on Thursday! Check your spam?
  7. Based on last year's forum it seems like they typically don't get past early June applicants (maybe) for interview invites. I guess I just wasted my $$$...
  8. Does anyone have an idea of how many seats they have filled? I just submitted a few days ago and am worried their seats (50-53 students) are being filled so fast especially with them having large interview days even through their deadline is so late in the cycle. Keeping my fingers crossed though!
  9. I just saw that 2 clinical LOR are required for this program (not sure how I missed it lol), from anyone's experience would not having this be a cause for immediate rejection?
  10. Anyone else interested in applying to the Assumption College PA Program next cycle (20-21)? I attended a virtual info session last month and the program seems very prepared for an incoming class and is confident about gaining accreditation since the founding program director has already successfully started another PA program. The one caveat is that the program will start to admit students before the meeting about accreditation in September 2020 and thus if not accredited then they will not be able to matriculate students. I personally really like that they are focused on service a
  11. From this thread and people starting to get interviews, I assume Yale on campus is rolling admissions then? Or at least rolling interview invites
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