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  1. Thanks for the details, that's really helpful! They seem unwilling to change the base at all, unfortunately... Student loan repayment is recurring yearly for 5 years, taxed as income. Raise to 90 after 2 years.
  2. Any other folks that can chime in? It seems like an offer with an interesting mix of options, but I'm hoping to get a better sense of it, by comparison to others. The AAPA salary report has a very low number of respondents for the area.
  3. Hey all, would appreciate your inputs- thoughts, questions, concerns welcomed. Thanks! Rural midwest FQHC, 4 or 5 day work week. Low COL area. 85k base (nonnegotiable, increase to 90k after 2 yrs, no productivity) 10k student loan reimbursement Retirement 1% match, w/ potential 1% extra dependent on overall practice productivity Health benefits req. ~$30-100 monthly contribution a little over 7 weeks accrued PTO yearly (includes everything- vaca, holidays if scheduled, sick, cme) 3k CME Natl and state professional assoc fees, license, PANCE paid for, won't say no to others within reason. (Uptodate incl) malpractice with tail incl. but I need to spend more time understanding the actual coverage
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