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  1. Who would be interested in practicing interviewing? After interviewing at my top-choice program this cycle and failing to get accepted or even on the waitlist, I know I need a lot more practice interviewing. Let's help each other. Let's do 15- to 45-minute virtual interviews. The more we can do, the better. I spoke with several PAs, did a practice interview through my university's career center, and paid $$$ for professional PA interview help. The practicing PAs knew me and were a relaxed about the process. They told me I had good responses. I think that the interview through
  2. Congrats to everyone that got accepted! I was wondering if someone who got accepted would be willing to talk with me briefly about the interview. Kay provided me with some feedback, but I'd love to talk to someone so that I can be more prepared for future interviews. (Not because I plan on copying your responses, obviously. Just to get a better idea of what they are looking for.) It would be much appreciated
  3. It was cut short? That stinks. Sorry that happened. How do you think that happened? Did the interviewer cut it short? How might you suggest avoiding that? Thanks!
  4. Congrats! Was the interview "open book", that is, had the interviewers seen your application? Any advice is much appreciated
  5. Hi, I went to an information session, and Kay Denler, the Director of Admissions and Program Systems said they won't consider applications that don't meet the requirements. That is why I said "I'm almost positive they won't look at your app unless you meet all the requirements." (I think that's pretty different from saying I'm 'positive' they won't look at your app without 1 psych class.) Kay said 25% of applicants don't meet requirements and are tossed; I didn't want you to be one of those. Sorry. I messed up and thought psych was a requirement for application. Glad PrepaG clar
  6. I think they just require 6 credits of social science. You wouldn't have to retake intro. You could take another course, like developmental or abnormal psych. I'm pretty sure other psych classes would work, too, like child psychology (the program does focus on pediatrics). I'm almost positive they won't look at your app unless you meet all the requirements. I've heard stories of someone applying to a program without meeting the prereqs and getting accepted. Pretty sure that's not the case with CU, and with so many programs out there, why spend time and money unless you do meet the minimum req
  7. I submitted my app June 18th. It was verified June 25th, and I got an email from Kay that day saying my app was being reviewed. I noticed that last year, interview invites were sent out as early as July 9th. I suspect they'll be sending them out any day now, but who knows with all of this year's craziness. Best of luck to everyone!
  8. So, it's now July, and CU will begin emailing interview invitations. Does anyone know whether or not they send out rejections if they have chosen not to offer you an interview? Or do you just know you haven't been selected if you don't get an invitation by, say, October or November? Thanks! Best of luck!
  9. I imagine that they don't start reviewing your app until they've received your CASPer score, right?
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