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  1. If you have been accepted, please send me a friend request so I can invite you into the Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/patrick.casey.336
  2. Congrats to everyone being accepted!! That is so exciting! We are excited to have you be apart of the program as well! Alli will be reaching out to y'all about what the next steps for admission into the program. Remember the deadline to pay your deposit! We will be making a Facebook page welcoming you all so you can chat and interact with each other leading up to the program start date this January!
  3. Hi Good question. They use CASPA as their GPA source. But they are mostly looking at science and the prerequisite grades for the school (as I was told). So if you are worried about some random under grad course, they tend to kind of brush those off and focus on the science classes and more of your most recent classes.
  4. Hi Sarah, If you are to receive and acceptance email, they give you 14 days from when you were accepted to place a down deposit. This doesn't mean you have to 100% commit, but you do need to make a deposit in those 14 days to hold your seat. If I remember right, our deposit was 1,500 dollars. So its definitely something to think about heavily.
  5. Hi Lauren, 1. There were about 30 of us in the interview session. 2. Total invited to interviews - This depends on how fast their spots get filled up for the school since it is a rolling admissions 3. This all depends. I heard back in a week. Some people it was sooner, some it was a lot later. I can't really give you a clear cut time frame they let you know for sure yes or no. But most people heard back in 1-2 weeks with their status.
  6. The interview process is very relaxed. You come in, and all meet in the classroom and go over a powerpoint quick. Then you meet the staff and interact with them for a little while before you separate out in groups. Groups consisted of lunch, interview #1, Interview #2, and a writing prompt. Not sure how they are doing it this year, but thats what they did last year! Each interview is an individual interview with one faculty member and roughly 15 minutes long. Patrick
  7. Hi, Please refer to the Gardner-Webb PA program accreditation page and your answer will be there! If you have more questions, you can email AQualls1@gardner-webb.edu. Im not the best person to ask about accreditation! I know we will get full accreditation when we are surveyed again!
  8. Hi Sarah, Interviews last year starting at the end of August and went till I believe late October. Each year it is different on how late they go due to rolling admissions. I had my interview in August and I'm pretty sure i got the invite in June... Some people got the invite a couple days before for the first interview. Its hard to tell you exactly when you will or won't get an email! Hope this helps. Patrick
  9. Hi Kylie No GWU doesn't give preference to in state or out of state students. I am from out of state as well as about 1/3 of the class. Chances of being accepted are the same!
  10. My name is Patrick Casey and I am the student reach for GWU PA program and a current student in the 2020 class. Im here to answer any of your questions you may have about CASPA, GWU, interview process or any PA questions in general! Reach me here or on Facebook at Patrick Allan (black and white picture prof). Whatever you would like. Good luck to all! Patrick
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