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  1. Just out of curiosity, is there anyone who completed the secondary application and mailed it back in but did not get an interview? If they don't like what you write then will they just flat out deny you? Or do they hold onto your application and deny later? I'm very nervous yet excited. This is my #1!!!
  2. I have heard that the program set ups some clinical rotations for students, and then the students are responsible for finding preceptors and rotation sites on their own. Can anyone clarify this? I would think that finding your own receptor is would be against their accreditation?
  3. I got the call last night and was accepted! so excited!!
  4. received the payment for the supplemental today! Excited to start this process.
  5. Just got my invite today for the interview! So excited to be in Savanah soon
  6. I am! I submit my application and got the confirmation email, just waiting for the supplemental. Crossing my fingers that I get it!
  7. I submitted my application and have been verified on CASPA, but have not yet received an email form Duke.
  8. Has anyone heard anything about interviews? I know the program in Savannah is starting to send out invites for interviews, but I have not heard anything about the program in Tampa.
  9. Submitted my application 5/12 and verified on 5/16. Have not heard for an interview yet, congrats to everyone that did!! Crossing my fingers that I hear back soon.
  10. Submitted my application this last weekend! Good luck everyone
  11. I am verified on CASPA's site, but have not yet received an e-mail from Barry. I also sent my GRE scores which show on the ETS site, but on the CASPA site all of my GRE scores are there EXCEPT for Barry. Anyone else having this same problem?
  12. Received my confirmation email 5/16 also! @Sarah1Are June 12 & 13 the first actual interview dates? Or are those when invitations will be sent?
  13. I reached out to the program. They said that it would be fine to submit a word doc including: the number of hours worked your role and responsibilities where this work was performed over what length of time So basically the experiences section, but including only the healthcare experiences. Hope this helps everyone.
  14. Thanks for the information! I am filling out the supplemental application and would just like some clarification. It states to only put activities I am completing now through June 2019. As I have to put an end date, should I just put 06/2019 as long as I am planning to continue my positions?
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