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  1. cGPA: 3.8; bcpGPA: 3.9; GRE: 328 (v166/q162/w5.0); PCE: 1748 hours as a hospital tech EMT/CNA; 80 hours shadowing 2x PA's; fully bilingual; 2nd career hispanic/caucasian male applicant with a non-science master's and straight A's in all pre-reqs + orgo and genetics Applied late July, interviewed October, rejected yesterday by email. 1 of my 3 recommendations turned out to be a dud; I think the unit manager I asked to write it may have been mad that I left her unit to go back to school. I wish she would have warned me off. I worked my toosh off in that unit, and she was cheerful and positive when I asked her to write a recommendation. Or more likely, she was just too busy to write much. I may also have blown the interviews. All 3 of my interviewers were wonderful people, a true pleasure to speak with. I was even lucky enough to sit with Mrs. P. Wow, what an amazing person. I can certainly understand why people are intimidated by her, but I liked her very much. But I was so nervous, that I felt afterwards that I hadn't communicated well who I was. I never felt good about my chances after the interviews. Sincere congratulations to the accepted class! You must be so proud, and I feel excited for you. May you learn well and serve your patients effectively. Perhaps one day we will work together My heart also goes out to those of you who are as sad as I am right now. If you interviewed ... hey, at least we got a sweet UF pen and microfiber cloth. I'm gonna go wipe my glasses with the cloth and cry myself to sleep holding the pen. j/k. Seriously, it's ok. Most of you will get in somewhere else, I imagine. Me, I was all in on UF, so I'll be going back to UCF to take some more courses and try again next year. Roll with the punches, get back up and back to work, no? Cheers NT
  2. I'm applying to UF in a few weeks, and it's also time to register for summer/fall classes at UCF if I'm going to take them. I can either take Orgo 2 and lab this summer, followed by Biochem this fall, (which will only be listed on my CASPA as future classes) or I can work many more shifts at the hospital and also shadow more. My stats: - 33 year-old, male, second career applicant. Have a non-science master's degree. - Went back to school to take all pre-reqs at UCF. Got straight A's on required pre-req's, plus As in Genetics and Orgo 1 - BCP GPA 3.9 // Overall GPA 3.8 // GRE 328 (166 verbal, 162 math, 5.0 writing) - Dual-licensed EMT and CNA, working at major hospital as a flex pool nursing assistant, 2000+ hours (worked ICU, PCU, cardiac, med-surg, ortho, and psych). 40 hours shadowing in ortho OR. If I work more instead of taking Orgo2 and Biochem, I will have 4000+ hours and more shadowing - Fully bi-lingual (English and Spanish) with strong interview skills. When I compare to the recent class profiles, I see that my grades and GRE are strong, and PCE is average. But those profiles don't show what classes the students took. I expect most of them have undergrad science degrees with many more science classes, whereas I am paying cash to take my science classes piecemeal at UCF. So my question is, honestly, am I pretty likely to be accepted as is? Should I just work? If I take the extra classes, that would let me apply to NOVA and USF as back-ups, but I only want to go to UF. I know it's competitive, and I should be so lucky to get in anywhere. But there it is. So which is better for UF, more hours/shadowing, or take Orgo2 and Biochem after CASPA sent? Thank you!
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