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  1. No I haven't. But it would be helpful if someone hears anything, they will post it here and let us know
  2. mkprepa8

    University of Tampa PA Program

    If we don’t hear on the 14th, the next hope would be to wait until January to know if we are on the waitlist? I am confused about that! If someone knows for sure, please confirm or clarify. Thank you
  3. It was an excellent experience. Everybody was welcoming and nurturing, they answered all questions and we spent so much time with current students. The campus is small, beautiful and modern. Their technology is awesome too
  4. Thank you so much for the reply; this is more than what I needed to know and I am very excited to check out this school today
  5. mkprepa8

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Still haven't heard back anything and I don't know when will they stop sending out interview invites? I know they told me their last interviews will be held in December, I am still hoping to hear something positive
  6. Thank you so much for all the information you provided so far. I am very excited and proud that I was able to get this far. I just have few questions about the program itself: 1) How many students do they interview and how many students are in your class (the website says they choose 25)? 2) Are there cadaver labs? 3) Do they have housing options on campus? Thank you
  7. I am a practicing catholic but would like to attend any christian based school; that is actually an attracting feature about this school and any faith based school (for me)
  8. I got nervous too and was thinking if there's anyone who have previously interviewed from last year can provide any feedback about the group project and what to expect! I am interviewing on December, 3rd
  9. I am still waiting impatiently to hear back from them. My application was verified mid-June.
  10. I received an interview invite last Thursday to call back to schedule my interview from the dates that they have provided. I called and left a message but they still have not called me back yet. If anyone know about their interview style, please let us know! Good Luck to Everyone!
  11. I have received that email, and it also said at the end that if you don't hear back form them by Thursday or Friday (14 and 15 of November), then you should contact a provided name by December, 18. I am not sure if everyone received the same email?!! But Good Luck everyone!
  12. mkprepa8

    University of Tampa PA Program

    You're very welcome! See you there tomorrow and Good Luck ?
  13. mkprepa8

    University of Tampa PA Program

    I think it was mentioned that you can park in the garages that have guest parking in them and just tell the guard that you are here for the physician assistant interview. The Health Sciences building is #53 on the map (I attached it below for you) UTCampusMap.pdf
  14. mkprepa8

    University of Tampa PA Program

    It says to report to the second floor of the Graduate and Health Studies building
  15. mkprepa8

    University of Tampa PA Program

    Yes sure. I submitted second week of June

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