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  1. Got accepted yesterday from the 11/13 interview!!
  2. Has anyone who received their acceptance call on 10/19 gotten the acceptance letter in the mail yet? I've been patiently waiting for it, and I don't want to call the program about it.
  3. I received my acceptance call today from the 10/10 interview!! I am not sure which campus I was chosen for, as I forgot to even ask during the phone call.
  4. I am extremely excited to say that I got in as well! I interviewed on 10/16. Go bulls!
  5. Can't believe that I received an interview invite for 11/13! I submitted my supplemental application on 8/11.
  6. From what I can gauge, they are going to use the results from our CASPer tests in order to get an idea of what score should be acceptable in subsequent years, if that makes sense. I honestly wouldn't worry about it. At least they are paying for it, right?! ?
  7. I personally did not, but 2 people in my group brought someone (out of 21). As suggested above, definitely take advantage of it. I would recommend though that you make sure that you are consistently interacting with the other applicants throughout the day. From what I could gauge, you are always being "watched" or observed indirectly on how you interact with others during the orientation day (just to see if you would be a good fit (socially) for the program). Best of luck to you!
  8. I have withdrawn my application and will be giving up my October 15th interview. I really hope that this helps someone else out!
  9. Really simple and only took about 10-15 minutes! Everyone had a different prompt, but it's really nothing you can prepare for nor should worry about. Best of luck to you!
  10. A girl in my interview group brought her mom, and it wasn't weird at all! I say go for it because the orientation day is super long!
  11. Hey guys, I interviewed today and am very fortunate to say that I have already received my acceptance call! Best of luck to the rest of you who are interviewing in the future (it was a breeze!).
  12. I have declined my interview invitation for October 12th. I truly hope that this helps to give someone else the opportunity to interview at Campbell!
  13. Do you mind sharing how the interview process was? I've heard that it traditionally is very relaxing
  14. I haven't received it yet and I interviewed already. I am pretty sure they haven't sent out any emails yet so don't worry! Best of luck to you though.
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