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  1. Well I got a shot, not with Francis Marion, but I got an opportunity to accept at PCOM in Georgia. I got the call 3 weeks before classes started. We started classes June 4th. The amount of info flooding us is crazy. It's like trying to drink water while standing under a waterfall and not missing a drop..... Well best of luck to those waiting for a chance. If it doesn't happen this year apply again, and again, ..... Don't quit. Keep stepping forward. Eventually you will reach an open door.
  2. Being Wait listed is your current final decision. It just means you will be offered a seat if someone declines an offer up to classes starting. But then you also have no idea where you are on list of Wait Listed applicants or how many there are. You could be first or the last on the list. I would accept at the other program if you have not already done so. Then if you get an offer you can get out of the other. You will just be out some $$$. I don't know specifically for this program, but I was told by another program if you are on the wait list, they can offer you a seat up to a week after classes start. As competitive as it is to get in, take the sure thing.
  3. Got my letter in the mail today....Wait Listed. Guess we will see were that takes me. Not too many turn down an offer with how competitive it is to get in. But plan to apply again next year. Best of luck to those who got the Golden Ticket. Maybe you will see me around next year.
  4. I have yet to receive a phone call, anything in the mail, or email. I don't expect to see anything by email. Info given at the interview it should be by mail or phone. I too live out of state. Maybe I will have something in the mail tomorrow. Until you receive a phone call or something in the mail, assume nothing. And I agree that it is a little odd to receive the acceptance paperwork but no call....how much is the fee to hold your seat? And is it applied to tuition/fees?
  5. Anyone know if all of the "32" have been called? From the sounds of it, not getting a call by now is not looking good.
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