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  1. No i got to shadow someone but it's because I work there. I wish I could be of more help! Finding shadowing has been pretty difficult.
  2. Hey does anyone know how strict the psychology course requirement is? Another school has told me they accept any course in behavioral science or social studies for their psychology pre-requisite, but I'm not sure about Stanford. I've taken Introduction to Psychobiology and a course in Neuroscience too, which I'm hoping would be adequate. Also, has anyone receiving any email replies from Stanford's admission? I don't know if my message is getting through on their website, but I also don't want to annoy them either.
  3. Hi! Looking to shadow a PA in the greater Los Angeles area (the valley, west la, Alhambra, dtla, south central, etc) and OC. I’m located in West la and willing to drive. Some background information on me: UCLA grad, ER tech, BLS instructor. Thank you!
  4. hey! Did anyone message you? I’m in the same boat (pre-pa, Ucla grad) and wondering if I should also post.
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