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  1. Yes, I will also be interviewing on this day. PC is my top choice. Where are you coming from?
  2. BCP 3.36 Last 60 3.5 DPC and Leadership 18,000+ hours Volunteer 50 hours Research 100 hours 2 Publications
  3. Would anyone be interested in meeting up before hand, like that Thursday evening? Let me know on here or private message. I'm looking up flights now.
  4. Received my email this morning. Interview 9/13! Cant wait to meet you all. Coming from Georgia.
  5. Thought I would get the thread started. Has anyone noticed that it does not come up on CASPA?
  6. I haven't heard anything. I applied 10/12 and haven't even gotten an "app under review" email. I emailed Michelle 1/18 and she said that she was the only person that reviews apps and was on the Septemeber applications.
  7. Under the web link to check status, there is now all my previous colleges and has "optional" status for uploading transcripts. Does anyone else have this or have uploaded theirs? Should I upload all transcripts being that they are already in CASPA.
  8. Hello All. I just submitted to this program. Good Luck to everyone. ?
  9. Same here. It was my only school I applied too. ? But there’s always next year. I was at the averages on everything except my GRE. Good luck to everyone who’s been accepted and applied.
  10. No, still haven't heard anything and I pyscho-stalk my email and junk mail everyday. I guess its better than a denial. I think if I don't hear anything like mid September, I will email. Its the only school I applied too and I'm local.
  11. Would anyone that has been accepted be willing to share their PS? Thanks. ?
  12. I haven’t heard anything at all either. I applied May 16. Some on this forum have gotten denials. I haven’t heard either way. I’m hoping too, it’s the only school I applied too. I do know they conduct interviews through October per the virtual open house.
  13. I already submitted and I have 1 prerequisite pending that will be finished at the end of June. You can submit with 2 outstanding prerequisites. Also, per the virtual open house, interviews are conducted until October.
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