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  1. Received my acceptance email today! Interviewed October 4!
  2. I just used uber/lyft. About 17-20 each way. Def check both though because from cwru back to the airport lyft was $40 while Uber was $20.
  3. Also received my interview invite this afternoon. Oregon resident as well with ~3600 hours between pt aide and phlebotomist
  4. Received my invite for the New Jersey campus on 8/27 and will be interviewing on 9/19!
  5. Last year my first interviewer did not have mine with her so unsure if she read it before or not. My second interviewer had it with him right on the table lol. And my 2 on 1 Interview they did not have it on them
  6. From paying the fee to getting an interview invite was 9 days for me
  7. I get in around 5pm on the 11th if you want to meet up for food or coffee in the morning!
  8. Hi! I was definitely nervous the first time around and did not feel like I interviewed my best or showed my personality. Seriously, just relax. The staff were all super nice and they all had different set questions that they would ask you. See you there!
  9. Received my interview invite for September 12 today. submitted 6/3. This will be my second time interviewing here so I am excited to come back!
  10. Does anyone know if the school will have a place to keep luggage for out of state people?
  11. Also got an interview invite today for October 4! Submitted 7/19
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