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  1. Don’t be scared! It is not an MMI type interview but there are 3 interviews- 20 mins each. The rest of the day is just tours and presentations etc.
  2. Thanks! It was pretty relaxed. We had an essay section as well
  3. Just got a call from Mary saying that I was accepted!!!! Woohoo! So excited!!!
  4. Just wondering when you sent the application. I sent mine late and have not heard back as yet.
  5. Just received an interview today!
  6. Just got a rejection email:(. Good luck to all who got interviews!
  7. Wow, October! Thanks for letting us know. At least I don't have to keep refreshing my email 100 times
  8. Neither, it was just an assumption since the last 2 Wednesdays people heard back about interviews, but nothing this week.
  9. Looks like there were only 2 rounds of interviews this time around ?
  10. Last year, the interviews went out on a Friday I believe.
  11. There were 3 rounds of interviews last year so hoping to hear good news next week. ?
  12. Congrats to all those who have interviews!!! Mind sharing your stats?
  13. Yeah! I have been waiting since the 11th (When they heard last year). I hope we hear before the long weekend.

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