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  1. Hi everyone. I am planning to apply to MCPHS Worcester and I was wondering whether it is rolling admissions?
  2. I am planning to apply. Any idea whether it is rolling admission?
  3. ss345


    Hi, I shadowed someone for a day and would like to include it in my shadowing hours. How do I do that when the only option is no. of hours weekly?
  4. Anyone heard of how good their program is? Their inaugural class matriculated in Jan 2018
  5. I would definitely check the Cleveland clinic and the American University. But as a FMG who was in Dubai till undergrad, I would definitely say the scope and pay for PAs would be very limited.
  6. ss345


    Thank you!
  7. ss345


    Hi, I am planning to take a course for an application that has a later due date. Can I add it in CASPA after I have submitted the applications to the other universities as I have not decided the course and college I should take it from. Thanks in advance
  8. ss345

    GRE on the CASPA

    Thanks Anachronist. You always come to the rescue for the million questions I have :)
  9. ss345

    GRE on the CASPA

    Hi, I took my GRE back in 2012. Only 2 schools which I am applying to need the GRE, and I applied for a waiver in one which requires it to be taken within 5 years, as I have a masters. The other school does not care how old it is (I confirmed with them). My official GRE score can only be sent till June 2018, so I would need to send it before June. My question is, can I not have my GRE scores sent to the other schools, even if they are on CASPA, or do they automatically go? Would the one school that requires the GRE to be taken within 5 years not consider my application, even though I have a waiver? Also my GRE scores are V:159 (83%), Q: 162 (81%), W: 4 (60%). Are they good, ok or bad? Thanks in advance for reading my confusing post!!!!
  10. ss345

    Question about HCE

    Thanks! I know it definitely wouldn't be considered PCE, but am hesitant whether it would be considered HCE or even research, as it was not working with patients. Just figuring where to put it.
  11. Hi, I worked for a significant time in infectious disease data collection, analysis and curation. Would this be considered HCE? I had no contact with patients, just the data - but it is infectious disease data
  12. ss345

    Foreign undergrad

    Hi, I have a foreign undergrad degree, and want to apply to PA school. Do I just have to send my WES transcripts, or do I still need to enter coursework? Can that college be added? Also, we didn't have terms, semesters or units - it was mostly years. How is that entered?
  13. ss345

    Medical assistant

    Thanks! The reason I asked is because I saw the following in CASPA: " Patient Care Experience Experiences in which you are directly responsible for a patient's care. For example, prescribing medication, performing procedures, directing a course of treatment, designing a treatment regimen, actively working on patients as a nurse, paramedic, EMT, CNA, phlebotomist, physical therapist, dental hygienist, etc. Healthcare Experience Both paid and unpaid work in a health or health-related field where you are not directly responsible for a patient's care, but may still have patient interaction; for example, filling prescriptions, performing clerical work, delivering patient food, cleaning patients and/or their rooms, administering food or medication, taking vitals or other record keeping information, working as a scribe, CNA (depending on job description), medical assistant, etc."
  14. ss345

    Question about coursework on CASPA

    Thanks! That answers my question!!!
  15. Is a medical assistant position considered PCE or HCE? Thanks!!!

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