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  1. Heyooo got my invite as well for October 10! January 15 was the only one available when I first opened it up, but I waited a few hours and then October suddenly opened up? Hope to meet of you guys, hopefully future classmates. Overall: 3.72 Science: 3.57 Non-science: 3.92 2000+ HCE (Nurse) 250 PCE (Monitor Tech/Unit Clerk)
  2. Gl to everyone applying this year ? hopefully to meet some of u guys
  3. Hey everyone, good luck to all applying this cycle. Dropped by to say hi ?
  4. Hey GL ?. I wonder what ratio of healthcare disciplines they accept people from. Majority EMT? CNA? RN?
  5. I wouldn't put it. Shadowing is very specific and it only allows you to observe and absorb what is going on. It is not within your scope of practice to be doing those procedures, even if the PA/your patients let you. She could definitely get in trouble as it is her license on the line as well. If you were a current PA student that is a different story but shadowing is its own thing. Do not put that, schools will look at that as a big NO-NO.
  6. No they didn't. They changed my total quarter units to semester but for each class they left the quarter units intact, no weird decimals on my transcript. Same with my semester units.
  7. Wondering if anyone else had the unique experience and am in bit of a pickle? So I'm trying to input my grades from my undergrad for CASPA but my issue is that for my senior year of undergrad my school switched from a quarter system to semester system. Now trying to put this in CASPA it only lets me put in one or the other. I've ordered and received my official transcripts for clarity but it doesn't specify or put them under one umbrella. I want to just copy word for word what it says on my transcripts and leave it be but what if I'm wrong and need to convert to semester? I've contacted CASPA directly and told me to convert the units??? What does that mean?? They also told me to call my school. I called my school and they had no idea what I was talking about, I got transferred to an answering machine. I think this is a pretty unique situation. I was considering professional transcript entry to just get it over with but I don't want any mistakes on it. Especially in this kind of situation. Thoughts? Should I just copy everything exactly it says on my transcripts?
  8. My vote would go towards EMT. You def need hands on experience and you want to be well-rounded.
  9. Ahhh reading this thread makes me happy. Im currently an RN and during my last sem of nursing I decided to try for PA school. The PA forums are pretty bare about RNs going the PA route. This gives me hope, for some reason I thought us RNs would be looked down on as if we were abandoning our field or putting down NPs...which Im not btw
  10. I think they changed this rule because I just went on the website and all prereqs can be from a 2 year. Makes no sense to disqualify all the students that went to CCs
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