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  1. Oh yeah! I’ll try that too. I remember in chemistry when he was teaching hybrid orbitals and I just didn’t understand, then I watched a 2 minute video on YouTube and understood it completely ? Ill try that too.
  2. I Believe you are right, that they average them all together. It also depends on the school itself. A couple of them do their own averages and take the grade replacement, while others (the majority) don’t (I think). Im actively trying to get them up to Bs so I could have something to better work with in future semesters and raising/keeping my GPA. I really have a firm understanding of what’s being taught (in biology, genetics/Chemistry combustion, redox, precipitation reactions) so I should do pretty well on the tests. The chemistry final is standardized, last semester I got an 89
  3. I am currently a Freshman, finishing up my second semester.
  4. I realize that. I've only recently gotten them under control, I'm at a C because of a rough beginning, I was at an F in the beginning. I have a 75 in biology and depending on how well I do on the upcoming test and final, I could very well have a B. Same with chemistry. However, maybe I'll just consider a different profession instead...or at least have a plan B. Thanks!
  5. Hello! If you cant tell, I'm pretty new here to this website. Anyway, I recently discovered the PA profession and after shadowing several PAs (and looking into it more online), I have a very strong interest in the profession. I am a 1st year undergrad Biology major with a Minor in psychology. My first semester was a rocky start. I was recently diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and ADD and have had to learn to manage it by myself, because I'm away from home, along with handling 17 credit hours of work and figuring out how college worked in general. During my first semester,
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