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  1. I am looking to shadow a PA in NJ area. Please PM me if you know of any opportunities.
  2. Hey guys, so I took bio 2 for the second time and got a C+. I heard that CASPA averages both grades, which sucks because even if I take it for the 3rd time and get an A, it's still not gonna be a good grade. What should I do? Can I take more upper-level courses at a community school to make up for the GPA? So far I have only taken bio 1 &2, chem 1, physics 1 and calculus 1.
  3. Scarletknight21


    Is there an online tool to find out your cGPA and sGPA the way CASPA calculates? Please let me know! greatly appreciate it.
  4. Can I add multiple transcripts on CASPA? I have a bachelors degree from a 4 years college but the prereqs for PA from a community school. Would I be able to add both transcripts on the application?
  5. Hey guys, I just got certified as a phlebotomy technician. I had also applied for a scribe job and got called for an interview. I'm a little confused about what would look better on my resume? Having a year of scribe experience or phlebotomist. Should I just work full time as a scribe or Phlebotomist? or should I do part-time in both? Any suggestions and insight would be greatly appreciated.
  6. okay Thank you for your response! Ill get more info from my interested programs.
  7. Hello, I'm a senior with public health major. I want to complete my Public Health bachelors at my current college but I want to take the leftover Pre-reqs for PA at a community college at the same time due to financial reasons. Do you think PA schools care if some of the prereqs are taken at a community school? Thank you for your responses
  8. hello, Congrats everyone who got accepted. I'm an undergrad student- a junior. I'm really interested in MSPAS/MPH program. Can any of you guys give your stats. I just wanna see what are my chances and where I stand and how I can improve. Thank you :)
  9. Hello, I'm interested in pursuing a career in PA. However, I haven't taken all the pre-reqs for it and I'm a junior with public health major. Im trying to graduate by may 2019. I have taken Bio 1, Gen chem 1 and 2, Physics 1, stats, English and Calculus. However i still have to take Bio 2, Anatomy and physiology 1&2, microbio, and organic chem 1&2. I was thinking of taking these courses at a different university. My Cumulative GPA is 3.01. I want to complete my Public Health bachelors at my current college but i want to take the left over Pre-reqs for PA at a different college at the same time. The reason i want to take classes at two different colleges is that I want to get my bachelors as soon as I can. Also the science courses at my current college are so MUCH harder compared to other colleges in the area. I cant risk my gPA to drop as it is bad already. Do you guys think is it possible? Would PA schools care that i have pre reqs from different colleges?
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