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  1. Nothing so far, hopefully, they'll contact us soon.
  2. MyPath

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Ohhh so there is still some hope. Good luck this year! Hope we both hear back soon.
  3. MyPath

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Haven't heard anything so far....had to double check to make sure I did apply. Congrats to those who received interviews!
  4. It’s been 10 weeks now and I haven’t heard anything. Must be patient but it is so hard. Congrats to those who got accepted!
  5. Nope to all those communication methods, lol. "Patiently" waits as I recheck my email a billion times a day. ?
  6. Hi, I received a rejection email today, good luck to those we are waiting to hear back!
  7. Same here, I'm very excited and nervous!
  8. For those who are still waiting to hear back, my application was verified on 7/17/18 and I received an email yesterday that my application is under review.
  9. MyPath

    Time of day for interview offers?

    I have received 3 interviews, one in the morning and two at around 2 pm by email. But this is also dependent on the time zone the school is located at too. Hope you hear back from your schools soon!
  10. Hi I submitted 10 mins before you did and they emailed me back to select interview dates just before 12. Hope you have gotten your email by now.
  11. @Dmorriston Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to explain. That totally makes sense.
  12. I was also offered an IV invite this morning. Good luck to everybody who is interviewing! ?
  13. Just so everybody knows what was said, the email I received on 9/18 titled "Reminder: Check Your Email Thursday Morning" said: "This is a reminder to check your email regularly this week, as invitations to recommended students will be going out on Thursday morning. Please act on the instructions immediately, should you be invited and should you wish to attend, as we expect all interviews to be scheduled by the close of business Friday. Once all slots are chosen, applicants who submit supplemental applications will be placed on our interview cancellation wait list, and refunds will not be issued. We regularly experience cancellations as students accept seats in other programs and cancel their planned interviews. Last year, everyone who elected to remain on our wait list was accommodated with an interview, but this year we have a much larger pool of qualified students, so that may not be possible, depending on how many students elect to join the waitlist. Please be mindful that your interview is not scheduled until you have received an email confirming your interview date, and we schedule on a first-come, first served basis. This is just a heads up email to remind you to be on the lookout Thursday morning. Thanks, Joey " Then he sent another email to clarify that even if we did receive this "Check your email Thursday morning" email does not mean you will get an interview and supplemental. So those who already received an interview invite from 9/14-9/16 had the advantage of securing an interview time. Based on the language from both emails, once you receive a supplemental, try to complete it quickly and pay. Thursday morning cannot come fast enough. Good luck to those who already got interviews and to those still waiting. It'll be alright! ?
  14. MyPath

    The Waiting Game

    I applied to a lot of schools this cycle and I heard back from 4 schools so far. Been refreshing my email every minute, checking this forum, and jumping at every phone call/notification. Let's all try to keep busy with our work, school, volunteer and keep on patiently waiting. Hope everybody can hear back soon with interview invites!

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