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  1. It was just your first experience so don't rule out PA or the medical field just yet. I heard stories of people who fainted. You can't really control how your body will respond and it is a normal response. You are still in high school so definitely try to get more experience in the hospital system. If you feel passionate about medicine, you will get used to the surgical procedures.
  2. Hi, when I received the call she said the class was full and the interview would be for the waitlist position. But that could've changed within the last month.
  3. Received my rejection email today as well. Congrats to those who got in!
  4. I studied off and on for 2 months after work and on weekends, seriously for 1 month. The last math class i took was 10 yrs ago so that portion took me the longest. I also used Magoosh online during this time and it really helped me with the math portion. I focused on that and memorized common vocabulary. Their predictive score was also close to what i actually scored. I scored a 314, good luck!
  5. Sorry about the rejections, it really sucks. But pick yourself back up and keep moving forward if PA school is your goal. Lots of people I met on the interview trail applied more than once. Since your PCE, GRE scores, and GPA all look good, I would focus on your interview skills. Did you do any mock interviews with friends, colleagues, etc? Maybe you can contact the school for improvements. You can definitely reapply to the programs that you liked and can even apply to a few more schools if financially able.
  6. Received a call for interview but the class is full. Just in case others are waiting for interview still.
  7. The email said "As of today, we have filled all of our interview slots for this admissions cycle. However, the Admissions Committee was impressed with your credentials and would like to offer you a slot on our interview waitlist. Historically, we have interviewed quite a few people from this list. If a slot opens up, we will call and/or e-mail you with a specific date and ask you to confirm immediately. At times, we may call you with only one day’s notice. Please keep this in mind when accepting or declining your space on this list. " So no mention of final interview dates. But base
  8. Got an email today saying I was placed on interview waitlist. I submitted my supplemental application on 8/3. Congrats to those got accepted and to those on the waitlist as well!
  9. Sorry to hear about the rejections, it must be so frustrating when everything on paper looks good. I would be confident too if I had a great GPA, decent GRE scores, and good PCE hours. Try contacting the three schools and hope one of the schools will message you back on how to improve. How did you prepare for the interviews? Did you actually prep with other people? Were your answers super rehearsed? Did you show your personality? Did you interact with other PA students at the actual interview? Asked targeted questions about the program? All of these things could've altered the result. Al
  10. I submitted everything with supplemental on 7/23 and I haven’t heard anything. I emailed them yesterday and was told my application is still under review. If selected for interview, I’ll be contacted between now and January 2019. Hope this helped others who are in a similar situation. Good luck to those who got interviews!
  11. I graduated from a foreign school, but most of my prereqs were done abroad too. I had to submit a WES for my foreign transcript, so I had my WES calculated GPA and CASPA calculated GPA from the classes I took in the states. In the CASPA system, you can't even enter your foreign transcript in. It'll just be the grades from classes that you took in the states. Since all your prerequisites are done in the states and the foreign transcript is already 20 yrs old, I think the ADCOM will only focus on your current grades. You'll also bypass the GPA filter. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me. But
  12. Ahhh thanks for the update, I’m so excited to get to know my future mentor and classmates! ?
  13. How many PCE hours would you accumulate by the summer of 2019 working as a phlebotomist? At least 500 hrs? Based on this application cycle, my research showed most schools have a minimum of 1000 hrs for PCE. Most applicants apply with a lot more hours. But I have also met undergrad students on the interview trail who have 500-1000 hrs. So you will just have to do your research and apply smartly. Do not apply to schools where their average applicant has >4000-5000 PCE hrs. Your pros: your HCE hours, your high sGPA, and only 1 prerequisite class left to take. I think you can try to
  14. It will be difficult, but if you truly want to be a PA, you’ll make the grades needed. At minimum most schools require 3.0 sGPA and cGPA and that isn’t competitive. Try to pinpoint why you are getting Cs in your science classes. Are you not getting the materials? Anxious during the exams? Actually not interested in those subjects? This will be a great time to figure out your best method of studying. If PA school is your goal, you know what you have to do. But if you think it isn’t the best fit for you, there are a lot of other healthcare fields to get into. You still have time! Good
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