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  1. I'd be down to share an Uber. Anyone know when we find out if our interview session is in the morning or the afternoon?
  2. I just received an invite!!! My chest is pounding so hard right now.
  3. Crossing my fingers! Waiting is the worst. Submitted in May and Verified June 7th First choice, Seattle and second, Anchorage
  4. You need to sign up to take the CASPer test through takecasper.com.
  5. It was great meeting everyone today! You are all super awesome. Best of luck and wishing everyone the best!
  6. For those on the alternate list, I called to check in on the status and was told that the admissions coordinator is out at a conference. The person told me that I would hear back Monday. Anyone else hear anything?
  7. Just accepted interview alternate today. That almost makes me more nervous than flat out rejection. Best of luck.
  8. Same boat. 3.18 cGPA and a 2.78 sGPA. ~7000 PCE in the Air Force as a med tech and 1000 HCE as a study coordinator. 304 on the GRE. Mostly rejections so far. Right now I'm just anticipating having to work on my application for the next cycle, So I've just been taking courses to improve my sGPA and overall application.
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