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  1. Hi all! I just wanted to share that I was offered a seat at a program in Colorado and I will be taking it. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and I wish you the best of luck! Jen
  2. Good to know, as I wasn't able to find it either. I'll email her.
  3. Awesome Jessica!!! That is stressful, good luck I'm sure they'll be sad to see you go.
  4. I just created a new thread for those accepted!
  5. Hi all, Figured I'd start a feed for this. Ainsley said they would be working on creating a FB group as well. A quick intro, I'm Jen Murray, the Colorado old lady that was at the November interviews. I'm excited to learn the true identities of who all was accepted and will be attending in the fall
  6. Congrats on your acceptance! Would you mind sharing the ratio of faculty to interviewees in the group portion? Edited 4 hours ago by PArun2020 I was accepted as well and yes it went exactly as jreid said. The ratio was 2-3 interviewees to 3 faculty during the group interview.
  7. Just received my interview offer for 11/16 as well! Can't wait to meet everyone cGPA 3.33 sGPA 3.35 GRE 299 4.0 awful PCE 40,000+ Paramedic for 18 yrs, EMS for 20+ years Volunteering 8,000+ Shadowing 80 Hrs w/ 1 PA
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