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  1. When applying for agency or locums work, PROTECT YOURSELF!! I got burned by a PA-owned agency and I know many other PAs who suffered the same fate... negotiations that break down, hospitals that drag their feet with credentialing and/or decide to hire someone who applied directly and wiggle out of the agency contract.... The list goes on. Then the practitioner is left without a new job after they gave notice at, or already left, their previous job. Here is my advise for anyone who is thinking about agency work. DO NOT give notice with your current employer until ALL THREE criteria are met: 1) You have a signed offer/ work agreement from the agency (this is obvious). 2) The signed agreement has a start date that is “31 days after privileges are approved”. 3) You have written proof that your privileges have been OFFICIALLY APPROVED. #2 is not standard, but I would INSIST on it. The agency will give you a calendar start date (that only protects them), but will not tie it to your privileges except that “privilege approval is a requirement for employment”. Again, that only gives the agency and the hospital/clinic a way out of the agreement. Insisting on #2 will PROTECT YOU! That gives you time to give a 30 day notice to your current employer so you can leave on good terms and have a solid future job commitment. The hospital or clinic can weasel-out if the agreement at the last minute by not giving you privileges if they decide to hire someone else (ie., a direct applicant who is cheaper) or they decide not to fill the position for any reason. If you tell the agency that you won’t start until 31 days AFTER your privileges are approved, you will protect yourself against a last-minute change that can leave you without a job. It happened to me after 32 years of solid work experience, so don’t think you are special to them in any way. I welcome your responses.
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