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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/568377903628172/?ref=group_browse_new join! and congratulations
  2. what do you mean paper work? what do we need to have ready?
  3. Thank you I really appreciate your feed back, that is what I was referring to since it sounded like you are/are part of admin of some sort. You make valid points and you are correct, sometimes sacrifices have to be made.
  4. Bethel University GPA 3.16 average and South College University Lowest 2.75 in TN.
  5. Not everyone has volunteering hours that I have seen are in PA school, let alone any HCE. And what do you mean "mean nothing to me"? Lol I am not being rude I am just curious as to why you chose to say it like so. I do not have the means nor funds to pay for a EMT course and certification, PT, RN, RRT or any certifications. I barely had enough and took me a couple years to save up to pay for the two extra classes I took. My post was mostly in regards to what are my chances and what CAN I DO to better my chances, not so much what it means to you.
  6. Please excuse my ignorance. I am getting ready to apply to pa school and I have found a couple programs that are out of the state. My question is, If I graduate lets say from California and take my PANCE there but ultimately want to move back to my home state of TX. Will I be able to practice in Texas? What are the certification cons of going out of state for a program, not interested in answers in regards to tuition since I am aware of the increase in that department. Thanks!!
  7. I was wondering if there is any site that can review my PS for me?
  8. Thank you, I am currently working on my PS. Should have everything done but pending my GRE score by the end of may. All in Gods Hands. Thank you.
  9. Hi yes I am, I am applying to my local PA program as first option.. I want to increase my chances by applying to school outside Texas. I am planning on Taking the GRE in a couple mo. And I am confident I will get great letters. I want to have everything ready by early may. The only item pending will by my GRE score. Is that bad?
  10. I have a low GPA but everything else in my resume I feel is strong. I have many volunteering hours in health care expo, food bank, respite centers, school events, community events. I have shadowing hours. I have been a scribe in the ER for 2 years. I did research as an undergrad. I am pending my CPR certification. What are the odds I will get in the first time? I am doing by best to strengthen everything else to make up for my low but above 3.2 GPA. Due to financial difficulty I can only afford to apply to 4 schools. I want do 3 in Texas and one out. What are the odds for me in my case and what else can I do to seem more competitive? I am taking two other classes right now to pick up my GPA. I graduated with BS 2015.
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