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  1. I interviewed October 12th as well
  2. Congrats! I just got accepted too!
  3. amg31

    2018-2019 Applicants

    Has anyone that interviewed on the 14th heard back yet?
  4. I actually just did as well. How long until we find out for sure? I have another program I will be attending if I did not get a spot here but I want to wait to enroll there until I know for sure that I didn’t get in since this is my first choice.
  5. I haven’t heard anything either. I think it’s really weird that they haven’t contacted everyone by now
  6. Has anyone heard about being waitlisted or should I assume if I haven’t heard anything that I am on the waitlist?
  7. Did they send an email confirmation or a letter to anyone who got accepted? I’ve been having issues with my phone and I don’t think I’ve missed a call but if I did I don’t want to lose a chance at a spot due to my phone not working.

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