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  1. FIRST YEAR STUDENT HERE! Hey guys! I know interviews are super stressful, but just hang in there! Hard work pays off, and you will end up where you are supposed to be. Our class has a Instagram account and will be posting tips and tricks as well as doing some Q&As for the interview and application season, because trust me, we ALL know how you guys are feeling and it can be so overwhelming. It will be general information, so it will help with everyone applying to any school! We also post little shoutouts about current students, faculty and what we are up to as a school, so you can get a glimpse into our daily lives. Follow us at: su_pas_intraining Good luck everyone! We are SO excited to meet you guys at interviews!
  2. It's pretty laid back in my opinion. They split our group in two and half did faculty interviews first and then half did the tour with current students, ice breaker games, and writing prompts. Before anyone stresses on the writing prompts just know that they aren't anything you can study for and I'm pretty sure I did terrible on them but I got in, so try not to worry too much. I think they care more about you as a person; plus, if you got an interview you aren't dumb, and they know that! The faculty interviews are one-on-one, and they made me feel comfortable, but they aren't afraid to ask you the tough questions (at least the faculty that interviewed me, everyone has different experiences) so make sure you are super comfortable answering questions about your life, what makes you you, and why you want to be a PA. Hope this helps!
  3. Yes my background, fingerprints, and drug test were complete a couple weeks ago.
  4. I interviewed on July 11th. Got an acceptance call this afternoon around 3:45! Super excited and can't wait to meet everyone in the class!
  5. I applied this time last year and although I didn't get into the program I was interviewed for the waitlist and am currently on the waitlist. I think it's worth a shot, but don't be surprised when it takes a long time to hear back. I submitted last year first week of august and then didn't hear anything until February when they invited me for an interview for the waitlist. Best of luck!
  6. I'm not positive but I think Indentogo sent me a copy of that page but it was sent to my junk email, so maybe try looking in there! Hope this helps!
  7. I was at the first interview session, and I really enjoyed my interview. I thought the faculty and students were super nice and welcoming. I can't speak for anyone else, but I think it's important that everyone get their own feel for if they could see themselves there. Everyone is going to feel different about different programs, that's the fun part about applying to grad school. I'm from a big city and I think Tampa is a really cool place with a lot to offer, plus it has some of the best beaches in the country! Also, the majority of your time will be spent studying regardless of where you are, so I honestly wouldn't get too hung up on location (unless you have unique circumstances, of course). The main thing is to feel grateful for the opportunity of even interviewing. A lot of people apply and only a few get interviews. Good luck to all those applying, interviewing, and waiting to hear back.
  8. I asked the same questions when I left a voicemail on Friday. I got an email today saying that they are not releasing the rank order for the alternate list, so a call could come at any time.
  9. Just got my email about details. I'm from Atlanta so any info on travel info from locals is much appreciated! My main concern is uber or if I should rent a car?
  10. Just got the call about 10:00 to interview on July 11th! CASPer scores may be getting there from June 3rd.
  11. They share cadavers with the PT students. The PT students do all the dissecting and cutting. PA students use the already dissected bodies for studying purposes. I think it’s about 7 PA students to a cadaver but not positive on the exact number.
  12. So I interviewed for the St. Pete location in March, and I’m not positive but from the information I got I was under the impression that they were approved by the committe for accreditation to open the additional 24 spots that would have been at the St. Croix location at the Miami location. That means they would have 74 spots in Miami. I’m not sure how they are going through the applications and I’m not 100% positive on this information (I was paying more attention to the St. Pete program information). I hope this helps!
  13. pahopeful, Did you find out you were on the waitlist after hearing on 3/28 that you were still under consideration?
  14. I also recieved the email that I am still under consideration. I interviewed 2/16. I don’t think they will deny many people yet because they take a class of 70 and so far there have been 6 interview dates that have either happened or will happen. If they interview 25 at each interview that’s 150 people interviewed. Accepted students get 2 weeks to make a deposit (I’m pretty sure) so they probably want to see how many people accept and make deposits before giving out denials. But then again, I could be completely wrong with all of that haha!
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