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  1. Question- I took Casper test on 10/13. After the test, snap shot came up on my screen. It consists of 3 questions which will record your video and provide to the EVMS. It is more like a interview question. I did not expected that so I hit back button in the middle of question 1. I contacted Casper test representative. He told me that snap shot can be done with in 10 days after test was taken. In addition, not all school required it. I looked up EVMS. Under snapshot - " to be announced". Did anyone noticed that. Thank you!
  2. I am also waitlisted from 09/26 interview. I wish everyone best of luck!
  3. Help I received interview for sep 2nd. JMU email email also states to respond before aug 26.I email them back that I am available on sep 2nd. I have not got any response. Thanks
  4. Hi, I do not see supplement application. Where we pay the supplement application fees. Is supplement application is required for PA program 2020-2021.Thanks!
  5. I have to take genetics class online.Any good recommendation would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Finally received an email from JMU that my application is under review.Good luck! everyone.
  7. I still have not to received a confirmation email from JMU PA program .I have emailed them but have not received any response. What should I do?
  8. I have received an email from CASPA but not from JMU.I guess I have to wait. Thanks!
  9. Those who have received an email stating that "you application is ready for review" Are u referring to email from school or CASPA.
  10. Hi, I also submitted CAPSA on 27th.My application was verified on 28th. Still waiting for review email.
  11. Yes! I have taken biochemistry with professor Beio. As long as you do homework and DB and quizzes, you will get an A. I hope this helps.
  12. Those who have applied to JMU. Did you submit your GRE score. English is my second language. Currently I m struggling with verbal section. I have not taken the GRE yet. School website states that GRE is not due until the beginning of the program. Thanks!
  13. Did any one was invited for interview at UND with college level anatomy and physiology. I recently took anatomy and physiology at community college (146) in spring 2019 with lab, got A in both classes. It has been very difficult to find high level near my area.
  14. Did any one was invited for interview at UND with college level anatomy and physiology. I recently took anatomy and physiology at community college (146) with lab, got A in both classes.
  15. I also received denial letter. I m respiratory therapist 6 year in the field from Virginia. I do not know why i was denied. I will be sending an email to the school so that i can improve my chances for the next cycle.
  16. waiting....................................................... . I have been checking my email and mail everyday.
  17. This questions for students in UND PA program. I have never taken student loan in my life. How student loan work. What range is interest rate?
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