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  1. I want to thank you both for your posts. I will admit that I don't know much about the GI bill, but we have been very successful in loan deferment. I thank you both for your service, and if we can make anyone's GI bill work better for them, I am interested in making it happen. Our Fellows are paid as much as we can afford and maintain the faculty and other admin support required to have an excellent curriculum and structure. While this is only about what a pgy 2 or 3 EM physician resident earns, for all of our grads thus far the Fellowship has propelled them into careers that hav
  2. The EMPA Fellowship at ARMC is currently accepting applications for its next class, which is set to begin in Nov of 2018. This Fellowship is housed at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center which is San Bernardino Counties Trauma and Burn Center located in the city of Colton, CA. The program includes clinical and didactic education that is designed to provide PAs who are new-grads or new to emergency medicine an efficient and supportive training experience that will enable top-of-scope practice in any emergency department. In addition to over 40 hours of online EM education, Fellows will
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