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  1. Kind of hoping they’ll send another batch of interview invites soon...
  2. I went on for a bit but then my audio on the app was not working so I gave up. Wow 3000+ applicants; that's a lot! I wish us all some good luck
  3. The supplemental is given to everyone. You have to complete it before getting considered for an interview.
  4. Heard back from them and my course is acceptable so I will be applying. For the additional questions it asks if at any time you took a reduced academic load. I got my bachelors but I took my pre-reqs after that at separate times because I was working full time. Should I include that?
  5. I was considering applying but I took biochemistry back in 2013. So not sure what my chances are if I commit to retaking it.
  6. Yeah but there are other schools I applied to that are not rolling admission and they let me know they received the application. I guess Tampa works differently
  7. I applied last month but haven’t heard back from the school in terms of them letting me know my application is under review. Is that normal?
  8. Just applied. Does this school having rolling admissions?
  9. Does anybody know if they would accept my biochem class that I took Fall 2013?
  10. Congrats to those who got accepted! How was the interview process like?
  11. Did you have to pay for the PA-CAT? What did you think of the exam?
  12. I was planning on taking the PA-CAT for another school so I guess that’s good then. How was your experience taking it? I’m a bit nervous.
  13. I submitted mine on Monday for Boston and I just got an email this morning from the university. Was pleasantly surprised
  14. Just sent my application yesterday for Boston and CASPA verified my information today. So now just waiting
  15. Submitted my application yesterday as well and CASPA already verified my information. Fingers crossed.
  16. Just sent my application yesterday and got verified today. Waiting to receive the supplemental application
  17. I am waiting for one more LOR before I submit my application. For the additional personal essay did you guys use a title or put your name on the document?
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