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  1. Appreciate everyone's advice! Scaling back and looking for part-time work might very well be an option. If I remain out of medicine for an extended period, then what can I do to ensure employers don't look at a significant gap too negatively (at least more than they already will)? CME and credentials will be maintained, but what else? Is there some threshold or length of time that would prevent me from ever returning? Also, what resources does everyone use to update their medical CVs/resumes? Does anyone have a specific template they've found that seems to work well?
  2. I have so many regrets about involving myself in medicine I cannot begin to explain. Best case scenario is burnout. Worst case I will be further up the creek than just a profession I severely dislike as my savings run out and I start to fall behind in my bills. I have maybe three months of "cushion," but that's it. I do not want to work as a clinician any longer, so what else can I do with my master’s degree? I have been searching for "fulfilling," "meaningful" employment that would pay well, be interesting, but I'm sure everyone is looking for that. I'm not sure what else I can do. Wha
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