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  1. I’m also getting in later, around 730 pm. Would love to grab coffee the morning of! Will send you PM
  2. Hey fellow Californians @Goodpa13 & @cbaldwin ! Congrats on the interview invites ? I will also be attending the September 13th interview, coming from the Bay Area! Would love to meet up if possible ?
  3. Congrats!! That's huge! I'm about one-third finished with the USCI course, so far I'm really liking it! Very clear and well-organized course. Can you let me know what was helpful for you in preparing for/passing the exam?
  4. You guys are amazing! I'm signing up tonight for the online course. Thank you for the advice :)
  5. It was actually one of your posts that I came across and found USCI! Can’t tell you how grateful I am - I was planning on devoting at least a year to completing a program. A few questions if you don’t mind: 1) did your current employer mind it was an online course with no clinical experience? 2) were you able to transfer any credits at all?
  6. I'm considering completing an online medical assisting certification course in order to start gaining more varied PCE as an MA. After reviewing posts here I found https://www.uscareerinstitute.edu/certificates/health-care-programs/medical-assistant which would essentially allow me to complete the certification course as quickly as time allows and prepare me for the CCMA exam. Does anyone have experience taking an online certification course to become an MA and have advice or input? I'm in California and have reviewed the state-specific requirements. I was also wondering whether anyone ha
  7. zoopeda - Congratulations on finishing PA school and thank you for the kind words of encouragement. I did apply to PU last round and plan to apply again. I have sent emails to each program asking for feedback and outlining my plan for strengthening my application but have only heard back from one program. Maybe a good old fashioned phone call will be necessary :) KaBax - thanks for the advice! I applied to MEDEX last round and plan to apply again. I think MEDEX is definitely one of my target schools this time around and after reviewing their preferred PCE, I'm planning on switching to CNA
  8. I agree with Cadapter, everyone's background going in to the GRE is different so do not rely on just 2 weeks. Take a practice test online to see where you're at with the quantitative and verbal, that will give you an idea of how much studying needs to be done and if there are specific areas you need help in. I ended up taking the GRE twice to get a better quantitative score, so make sure you give yourself time since I believe you have to wait around 30 days before taking it a second time. Good luck!
  9. I wanted to put my (shortened) story out there and stats to see what everyone's opinion or feedback might be for reapplying the 2nd time. Last cycle I applied to 7 programs in California, Oregon and Washington which have all rejected me, no interviews. It obviously left me feeling a little hopeless and wondering if I should pick a different healthcare path. However, like many of you I'm sure, I realized that nothing worth having comes without a fight and that becoming a PA is undeniably my life goal. My overall GPA is 3.07, just grazing the minimum for most programs. It's the weakest poi
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