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  1. I’m also getting in later, around 730 pm. Would love to grab coffee the morning of! Will send you PM
  2. Hey fellow Californians @Goodpa13 & @cbaldwin ! Congrats on the interview invites ? I will also be attending the September 13th interview, coming from the Bay Area! Would love to meet up if possible ?
  3. Congrats!! That's huge! I'm about one-third finished with the USCI course, so far I'm really liking it! Very clear and well-organized course. Can you let me know what was helpful for you in preparing for/passing the exam?
  4. You guys are amazing! I'm signing up tonight for the online course. Thank you for the advice :)
  5. It was actually one of your posts that I came across and found USCI! Can’t tell you how grateful I am - I was planning on devoting at least a year to completing a program. A few questions if you don’t mind: 1) did your current employer mind it was an online course with no clinical experience? 2) were you able to transfer any credits at all?
  6. I'm considering completing an online medical assisting certification course in order to start gaining more varied PCE as an MA. After reviewing posts here I found https://www.uscareerinstitute.edu/certificates/health-care-programs/medical-assistant which would essentially allow me to complete the certification course as quickly as time allows and prepare me for the CCMA exam. Does anyone have experience taking an online certification course to become an MA and have advice or input? I'm in California and have reviewed the state-specific requirements. I was also wondering whether anyone has been able to transfer their online course credits to count towards their cumulative GPA? My cGPA is on the lower end and this would be an amazing opportunity to improve it.
  7. zoopeda - Congratulations on finishing PA school and thank you for the kind words of encouragement. I did apply to PU last round and plan to apply again. I have sent emails to each program asking for feedback and outlining my plan for strengthening my application but have only heard back from one program. Maybe a good old fashioned phone call will be necessary :) KaBax - thanks for the advice! I applied to MEDEX last round and plan to apply again. I think MEDEX is definitely one of my target schools this time around and after reviewing their preferred PCE, I'm planning on switching to CNA or MA work. Hopefully I'll be joining you over there in Seattle next year! Ket131 - did you complete a certification program to become a CCHT? or were you trained on the job? In response to your question, I haven't taken any classes the past semester. While increasing my GPA would be great, I'm unable to take biology or chemistry courses outside of a community college so I'm a bit limited in the electives I can take that aren't absurdly lower division. Do you think it's still worth it to take easy classes to pump up my GPA? emily1016 - we are definitely in similar situations! Out of curiosity what kind of HCE did you do? Also let me know if you are looking for recommendations for revision services :) ProSpectre - such good advice! I'm glad you brought up the 'voluntourism', I think that's a valid point to consider. I've reached out to several local organizations to volunteer instead. Programs that value HCE/PCE and aren't so driven by numbers are definitely my main focus this round. Do you have any advice for identifying these programs from the rest?
  8. I agree with Cadapter, everyone's background going in to the GRE is different so do not rely on just 2 weeks. Take a practice test online to see where you're at with the quantitative and verbal, that will give you an idea of how much studying needs to be done and if there are specific areas you need help in. I ended up taking the GRE twice to get a better quantitative score, so make sure you give yourself time since I believe you have to wait around 30 days before taking it a second time. Good luck!
  9. I wanted to put my (shortened) story out there and stats to see what everyone's opinion or feedback might be for reapplying the 2nd time. Last cycle I applied to 7 programs in California, Oregon and Washington which have all rejected me, no interviews. It obviously left me feeling a little hopeless and wondering if I should pick a different healthcare path. However, like many of you I'm sure, I realized that nothing worth having comes without a fight and that becoming a PA is undeniably my life goal. My overall GPA is 3.07, just grazing the minimum for most programs. It's the weakest point of my application, I'm sure. My post bac science GPA is 3.43, which I'm proud of and reflects the upward trend of my grades after not taking my undergraduate seriously at times. GRE scores are 155 quant, 159 verbal, and 4.5 analytical. I had previously taken the GRE and received a 144 in quant, I'm hoping admissions will see that I was able to improve my quant score significantly and that it will speak to my academic abilities and perseverance. I have 4000 hours of PCE working as a PT aide, and have recently switched to a medical scribe job at a Stanford Health Care affiliated Pediatrics clinic. My healthcare related volunteer hours are limited. 3 LOR's from my microbiology professor, a physical therapist I worked closely with, and a PA that I shadowed. Another note: I submitted my applications at the end of September for all programs My game plan and questions for you guys: 1. The medical scribe job - I'm not sure if I should keep this job or switch to something more hands on such as a CNA, MA or even a patient care technician job at a dialysis center. I feel that my ability to learn new things and face challenges is beginning to plateau as a scribe, however since I have 4000 hours of PCE as a PT Aide would it be strategically smart to invest time and money into CNA or MA training? 2. Medical mission trip - Since I have a low GPA, I know it's crucial to make other areas of my application shine like a star. I'm thinking a 2 week trip to an underserved country would bolster my volunteer hours and also serve inspiration for my personal statement. It's also something I'm able to arrange and do in a short amount of time, which leads me to my next point... 3. APPLY EARLY - I plan to have applications submitted by late May. Does anyone think this is too early, or is there any other guidance on best times to submit applications? 4. Revamping my personal statement - I reached out to an online editing service specifically for PA programs and received truly useful feedback and suggestions. I plan to make edits and add in sections reflecting my time as a scribe and my determination as a re-applicant. 5. Updating some LORs - Hoping to receive a letter from the doctor I scribe for. I also plan to write a cover letter to recap my prior experiences and relationships with the LOR writers, as well as adding updated information as a re-applicant. With such a low cumulative GPA I'm terrified that perhaps PA school just won't work out for me. I'm hoping, however, that AdComs will really see how much I want this as reflected in my PCE, volunteer hours, personal statement and LOR's. Thanks so much for lending the time to read this, I am grateful for ANY insight/advice/comments anyone has :)
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