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  1. Thanks for sharing about the info session @hmtpnw. You brought some helpful reminders in there about their processes. In answer to your question about my experience interviewing last year--Yes, there are some things I would do differently. I would have to say however that the experience I had at each interview was very different. I felt that Pacific's interview was the "best," but even though it went "well" I am still hoping and aiming to hit it this year being much more prepared. For me this simply means interview preparation, again, again, and again. Mock interviewing, studying books/guides to interviewing, and preparatory writing are what I plan to do. You will likely have different needs/areas of focus as we are all different. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi Doppio,

    Well, as Pacific has closed out their waitlist I thought I'd send you a message here and see how things faired for you? Where you able to be accepted either there or at another program?


    1. Doppio_Espresso

      Hi NussPA31,

       unfortunately, I did not make it in. It seems like they only went through #6 this year. Had it been last year, I would've made it into the program because they went through at least #15 last year. However, I am more than glad to be attending another PA program this year. 

      I see that you are re-applying this year.  Let me know if there's  anything I can help with. Best of luck this coming cycle! 

  3. It's almost that time to start submitting applications for the upcoming cycle. I interviewed last year at Pacific (loved the school and location), and have been on their waitlist since last November. I will be applying again soon. Is there anyone here looking at applying a second time who interviewed at Pacific last year?
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