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  1. Sigh yes i know the patient load is insane but im used to it. This is how it gets during the winter in the urgent care.. calms down a lot the rest of the year. What would be the best way to word my counter for a higher rate? I get so shy
  2. Hey everyone Urgent care PA here with 1 yr of experience, got offered a position at a new UC and wanted to know your thoughts. Full time position in NYC. 12-14hr shifts and about 100 pts a day split between a PA And a SP. 3-4 shifts a week Hourly rate-65/hr 96 hrs PTO first year $1000/annually for CME and 3 days PTO for CME Malpractice covered- occurance based policy 100% employer contribution towards monthly insurance premium for medical, vision and dental 401k 3% match I have another offer at a different urgent care offering $70 an hour. Benefits als
  3. Medications you have prescribed in your experiences?
  4. How would u guys react to a patient who threatens suicide at the office? Long story short I had a patient who threatened to kill himself if i dont write him pain medication (our facility does not write controlleds and i explained that to him) and he said well then i will walk out of here and kill myself and it will be your fault. I said please hold o while i speak to my superior about your request and see what we can do for hou and called the cops and ems. Thanfully pt just sat in the room with the door closed. How would u guys approach this? It was my first experience dealing with something l
  5. How do u react/what do u do if a patient tries to assault u or threatens violence?
  6. Omg... so sorry about ur horrific experiece! Thank god its not like this anymore although ive ran into a few butt hurt attendings who gave the stink eye when witnessing a PA run shit... ?? #buildabridgeandgetoverit
  7. PAs... share your experiences of your first day on the job @ ur first job out of school ??
  8. So do you guys think its okay to express my thoughts via email? I was thinking it’d be appropriate and more polite to call. But hey, il sure take email vs a confrontation involving talking to a live human in real time lol
  9. Alright guys next question, most polite/proper way to decline an offer? ?
  10. Damn, my first interview too. What a bummer. I hope it gets better from here. Deff did not go thru PA school hell for 82k
  11. Yep I agree thanks for helping me confirm that I’m not crazy lol. And I do have access to it.... 82 is like the low low low end!
  12. Hey, new grad here. Was offered a job for an internal medicine inpatient position in a nyc hospital I was a little taken back by this salary, as my brother who is an mri tech makes more than this! Or am i asking for too much as a new grad and should lower my expectations? base: 82k, 2k bonus at the end of first year CME: 5 days, 2K 401k 3% insurance full coverage for dental/medical/vision PTO: 23 days vacation 15 sick days, all federal holidays paid was also offered unlimited OT Shifts at a rate of 65/hr what do u guys think? Maybe im forgetting
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