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  1. Jason, Thanks for your insight. Since this was my first time applying I had no clue as to what to expect, I am so glad for these forums and people like you to get to speak about this. I have quickly found out that this is super nerve wrecking!!! So you are so right in that we do have to keep faith and work hard! Thanks once again! Much luck to you and all your endeavors!
  2. Hi guys! I applied for the 2018 cycle and got no interview after making a 19.5 in my admission test. I'm curious what are the steps to applying again. I felt defeated that I did not get an interview, I wish I knew why? I assume I need to bump up my application. I wonder what can I do to make my application more appealing? I wonder what are the G.P.A's getting accepted. I also wonder what is the experience level they are looking for? I was a Dental Assistant for years but I understand that is not what they want as medical experience so I shadowed a P.A during the summer of 2017. Now I think I may need to Scribe, what are your opinions on this.
  3. Hi guys! Congratulations for those that got accepted! I have been following this forum but never posted. I applied this cycle for the first time and even took the admission test and essay. I was sad that I did not get the best grade I know I could have gotten. I made a 19.5 which I think I could have gotten a better grade if I had studied the math conversions better ( not that I do not know how to do them... it was that I did not look at them), in other words I did not prepare properly. I was very confident on the Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology parts of the test but the the math messed me up. I believe that is why I did not get an interview at all. Anyways, I know I want to start preparations on the next application cycle. I see some of you have re-applied several times, what is the method to apply again? Do we submit as like the first time, or is there another way? Can we use the same reference letters? Do you think shadowing a P.A is helpful or actually being employed as a scribe can make a difference in creating a better looking application. For those who got accepted, is there any way you all can describe what was it that helped you get accepted. Anything would be helpful, thanks
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