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  1. Do EM residencies (18 month programs) provide adequate ICU exposure?
  2. Interested in this as well. I wouldn't be afraid of the 2 year length given the stipend is $95k/year with 4 weeks vacation. But unfortunately I can't offer any insight into the curriculum and training.
  3. Why are employers turned off by 6 years of primary care experience?
  4. These updates have been a huge motivational factor in applying to PA school! I hope to be in your position in a few years. Sounds like an incredible experience and you'll have a killer skill set when it's all done. Good luck and keep grinding it out!
  5. Pharma jobs - Typically drug safety associate, drug safety specialist, pharmacovigilance associate/specialist etc. are good ways to get your foot in the door. Pays 80-100k/year base plus all the great Pharma benefits. Take a contract position if you're okay paying for your own benefits or can use your spouses because once you're in it is so. much. easier. to work your way up. Medical information and med affairs are better roles, more dynamic and typically better pay but are tough to get into without experience or knowing someone. These are what lead to MSL roles. Certified diabetes educators. Sales is also a good way to get your foot in the door. If you like it the pay can become good or you can transfer internally to a new department after 2+ years experience. The lifestyle is great too. Additionally, look for any type of clinical liason position or account manager position. Doesn't have to be with a major pharmaceutical company. It can be with a pharmacy like home infusion or specialty pharmacy doing HIV/hepc/rheum./derm/IVIG etc.) Device manufacturers, not just Ortho devices but things like B. Braun, BD, infusion pump or supply companies etc. These are all companies that need to maintain contracts with hospitals, nursing facilities and pharmacies or need in services for their products. A PA would be excellent in these roles and I've seen many (I'm a pharmD at a pharmaceutical company)
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