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  1. Hey everyone! Any other updates or does anyone know when they will be making the final decisions? Should we know by the end of this month?
  2. I’m still waiting as well but I applied right on the deadline. When did you apply? And best of luck!
  3. Yes, I was so grateful especially because I applied on the last day and he reached out after the deadline. But they mentioned that they did not receive 2 of my forms which was odd because I know for a fact I submitted them in my application so I just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this. Thanks for your response!
  4. Hi everyone! Good luck to all who have applied! I also got the "referred to hiring manager" email but a few days ago I received an email saying that my application was pending rejection because there was an issue with one of my forms and because they didn't receive 1 of my forms, so they asked that I make corrections and send the forms back to them. Any one else have something similar happen?
  5. I’ll PM you! I was accepted into both programs this cycle so I had to make this decision and I ultimately chose York. I’m very happy with my decision
  6. Hey everyone, I just wanted to say that I'm declining my admissions offer for another program. I want to wish everyone waiting for a seat the best of luck!!
  7. I got an acceptance call today and interviewed back in January!
  8. I got an acceptance email today as well. Congrats to everyone accepted!!
  9. No prob. I got the confirmation email a short while after I replied to confirm my attendance.
  10. I got a confirmation email telling me to bring a government issued ID photo and a pen to the interview. They also recommend bringing water and snacks because the process may last up to 5 hours.
  11. May 31?!?! Let's hope not!! I asked during my interview when I could expect to hear back and they said within a few weeks but still nothing. This is also my first choice and I was hoping to hear back from them before doing any more interviews but alas, we're still playing the waiting game. Hopefully we hear back soon and best of luck to you!
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