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  1. doglover9

    2018/2019 Cycle

    hmmm I'm signed up to take it tonight, but now I am debating whether taking it could potentially hurt my chances of receiving an interview
  2. doglover9

    2018/2019 Cycle

    Did anyone receive an interview invite prior to taking the CASPer test?
  3. I forgot to add in the 50 hours of shadowing I have! Thank you for responding to this post!
  4. I'm applying this cycle and I am wondering how many schools is a safe number to apply to with these stats Major: Molecular & Cellular Biology, Minor: Chemistry cGPA: 3.76 sGPA: probably around 3.6ish GRE verbal: 157 GRE quantitative: 163 GRE Analytical: 4.0 HCE: a little over 1000 hours as a medical assistant including volunteering at 2 hospitals PA Shadowing: 50 hours in 2 different fields Plenty of extracurricular and leadership experience. I also worked 2-3 jobs at any given time while in college. LORs: 2 professors, one PA, MD who is my supervisor

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