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  1. They've officially started calling the waitlist as of today! I asked how many other calls Tonette would be making and I was told they had one other seat available today. Congrats to whomever else got accepted this afternoon. :)
  2. Keep trying to advance in your job. I was an EMT for AMR AlCo too, and I think having an FTO position, and Alt. Sup leadership among my years of experience is what really set me apart from other applicants in my interview group. EMT hours are great because they add up fast, I applied with over 10k! My early grades in college were terrible, but so long as you are showing consistent improvement, that is what they are wanting to see. Also making sure you are able to handle a solid course load is going to go a long way, but be sure not to over load yourself until you know you've got it figured out. College is just a game of balance and skill, once you know how to work it, you can illusion 18 units worth of classes into a very small amount of actual work. They will ask about your college transcripts at interviews, so just be sure if you have to take a W (I've had two, one was in Physio) that they are thought out and well reasoned. They want to see that your choices are logical and well planned, not impulsive. Think ahead, but accept that life happens though, and show you can work around and through it. Cheers!
  3. Hi all! Looking through past emails, SMU interviews 144 prospective students in total. Of these: -44 are admitted to the incoming class -83/84 are waitlisted I wouldn't panic if you're farther down on the waitlist, I can only imagine they've decided to make it this long due to many years of experience! ? My husband, being the super sleuth when he bored at work, said they admitted up to 27 people off the list for last year...? Not sure if any current students could (or already have) confirmed, but I imagine as everyone shuffles around to their preferred programs there will be lots of spaces. I interviewed on Jan. 27th, and recieved an email that I'm on the waitlist. When they start calling the waitlist for admissions, I'll come back and update! I *think* I'm first on the list... The decimal point threw me for a loop at first (1.0 must be 1?? and if it's not I'm not sure I want to know!), but I don't think they have any fractions, at least I hope not! No calls as of yet though. Congratulations to all of you who were admitted, and to all who recieved interviews! That is no small thing by any means.
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