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  1. Hi, I am sorry to bother you. I am in the same situation you were a year ago. I have not heard from Emory since they sent the 3-7 week email. Did you ever hear from them? I just wondering if there is anything I can do. Thanks
  2. I guess, but I am re-applicant. The process was really fast last year. I was interviewed in November, but I was not selected. So, I was expecting something similar this time. I see that almost everyone has gotten an answer within 7 to 10 days after the email was sent. So, It is a little nerve wrecking.
  3. Hi, It has been a month for me also. I am really worried now since everybody has either got an interview invite or a rejection just a couple of days after the email.
  4. I know. I am very anxious too. I applied to another university, they sent me an interview invitation two days after. So I was expecting maybe the same thing with Mercer. Please, just update us if you hear from them.
  5. My check got lost so I had to go to the office and drop a new one off. That was on 03/26, and got a email the same day saying my application was complete. I am kind of nervous. I don't know if I should call them.
  6. My check got lost so I had to go to the office and drop a new one off. That was on Monday 26th.
  7. Prepa2018: hi, have you heard anything from the admissions office?
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