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  1. Most PA programs have switched to online anatomy labs themselves at this point. They will understand
  2. My program shut down campus and is no longer allowed to have any in-person interactions. I'm currently a second year, about to finish up didactic in may so this won't impact my class as much (at least until rotations start) since we already had all our hands on physical assessment labs, skills labs, OSCEs, cadaver lab, ect. but the new class that started in January is really impacted by this. They cancelled their anatomy lab and physical assessment lab for the remainder of the term and skills lab may be impacted next term. As you probably know, these are a critical part of your education in PA school so it was be interesting (and stressful) to see how they improvise in those areas. My other friends in PA school from around the country have said there programs have taken the same measures. If you are in the application stage I would be prepared for future interviews to be postponed .
  3. Hi everyone! With all the changes brought on by COVID-19 I was wondering what other programs were planning in regards to clinicals this upcoming year. At my program they currently aren't letting PA students or med students on any rotations. I have one more month of didactic left and am terrified they will try to switch my clinicals to some online curriculum and I'll come out of the program incompetent due to lack of hands-on experience. I had just talked to one of the faculty members and they said they were still up in the air about what they were going to do. Any other programs out there come to any decisions on how they're going to handle the situation yet?
  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re obviously a very competitive and respectable applicant if you got an interview at duke. You’ll get there! I’m over here still praying they offer me and interview lol.
  5. Just received an email informing me I was accepted. Best of luck to everyone else interviewing!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm suppose to attend an interview this friday but with the storm and the offer they gave us to interview another date, I'm torn on what to do. I'm driving to the interview and would have to go right through the hurricane on my way home. This makes me lean towards interviewing on the makeup date but I'm nervous switching my date will put me at a disadvantage or they won't think I'm as dedicated as those who end up attending. For those who have interviews on friday what are you planning on doing? Does anyone think attending on the makeup date will be held against me or put me at a disadvantage? Thanks!
  7. Also make sure to check your spam folder. My email with all the information about the interview went there!
  8. They called first and asked me to choose what session I wanted to be in then emailed me the details after!
  9. Thank you! I submitted my CASPA on 5/28 and was verified on 5/30!
  10. Is anyone else interviewing next week on the 13th?!
  11. Hi everyone! So I have two interviews coming up right around the corner. I am both excited and overwhelmingly anxious for them. I'm a perfectionist and prepare for EVERYTHING as much as I can. I feel like that trait might harm me in this situation though. I am a very social person but when I have people ask me interview questions to practice, I start stumbling over my words and start blanking because I know exactly what I want to say, but can't remember it all. I feel like I have prepared too much and have memorized all my answers. I'm having a hard time thinking of it as a conversation rather than a test. To anyone who shares this struggle and has overcome it, what tactics did you use to help yourself relax and let the anxiety and perfectionism go?
  12. Hi everyone, I am currently preparing to apply to PA school this upcoming cycle but am starting to get a little nervous. Earlier in the year I got a speeding ticket on a VA interstate. In Virginia, exceeding 80mph is considered reckless driving and a misdemeanor. I never thought that I would have a criminal record from a speeding ticket but here I am. I was wondering if anyone had any information on how this will interfere with my chances of being accepted into a program. Has anyone heard of programs rejecting applications for simply having a criminal record? Or any specific cases where someone has been rejected for a situation like this? To give some more perspective, the rest of my stats are good. I graduated from a good four year college with a biology major, minor in medicine in society, GPA of 3.68, and a GRE score of 307. I am a CNA at a hospital and will have a few thousand hours of patient care experience. I have shadowed multiple PAs in various fields, have done a month long service/ research trip abroad, have been a TA for multiple biology classes and am currently an official tutor for the A&P class at my college. Will this be enough to make up for my record? Or should I start to look at different options for my future? Any help would be appreciated!
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