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  1. for everyone who got a letter in the mail, did you receive e-mail confirmation too?
  2. When did you apply? I applied around August so I'm guessing I will get my confirmation email soon; so weird.
  3. Any emails from them in September? I'm still waiting on any contact from the school, this waiting game is stressful.
  4. i submitted a few days ago, how long does it take to verify? and where do you get notified?
  5. I was waiting for someone to start this thread! haha
  6. I plan on applying this cycle and I do not know if caspa takes the hours or not but it did let me input my highschool hours on the application so I did just to show I used to volunteer before college too.
  7. Hi guys! I am registering for Basic Microbiology for the fall, and I didn't know if PA schools would take that. Could I get some insight on this?
  8. This is amazing, it there a chance i could know what school this is? I know a lot of people must be asking you this I'm sorry!
  9. Plan on applying soon but cannot find anyone willing to shadow, I decided to volunteer to see if i can meet a PA in the process and ask them that way; is there any other ways i can go about doing this? thank you to anyone who responds in advance!
  10. Hi, So I'm new to this; I'm currently a senior in undergrad and I graduate in December. I want to apply to PA school for fall 2019 but I have no idea where to get started. I made a CASPA account and researched a couple of schools. I even started to shadow a PA, but I don't know when PA school applications open or where to find out. I just need some general advice. Can anyone help me? I would very much appreciate it.
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