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  1. Hey all! I got accepted a few weeks ago, but I thought I would share my stats because I used this forum a ton to help me. Here it goes ? Undergrad Ed School: Purdue Univerisity in Indiana Major: Health Science Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.54 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.48 Age at application time: 23 GRE: 309 Direct Patient Care: 2000 hours as a medical assistant at an urgent care Shadowing: 60 hours shadowing a derm PA and a functional medicine PA Letters of Rec: an M.D., a NP. and a PA I shadowed Schools Applied: 12 schools Application Submitted Date: May 28 Interview Invites: 3 interview invites Denied w/o interview: 4 denials Rejected after interview: 0 Waitlisted: 2 Accepted: 1 -Indiana University Attending: Indiana University!! Attempt: 1st If you have any further questions, or you want to know what I used to help me prepare, feel free to message me!
  2. Same :) really not looking forward to waiting until September to hear. Did you get an email that they received your application?
  3. Hello, I have a quick question about evaluations submitted on CASPA. I've noticed that one of my letter's status says, "Accepted" and the others say "Completed." What is the difference? What does my other letter writer have to do to make hers completed? I checked the CASPA help page and couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance!
  4. In my opinion, you are fine as is. A lot of schools don't weigh the GRE as heavily as GPA and Patient Care Experience. However, some recommend a 300 minimum, so I would check the minimum requirements of the schools you want to apply to.
  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I have been looking for resources like this.
  6. Good morning! Just had a quick question regarding My PA Resource. Has anyone used it? Is it worth it for your personal statement? Any other suggestions for this kind of resource? Let me know!
  7. I am not sure about transcript entry or demographic information, but I know that LORs and your personal statement will not carry over.
  8. Wow thank you so much! I was in the same boat. Taking Physics, Micro, and working in a research lab about 40 hours a week. Definitely tough. Thank you so much for the advice. I will definitely be following your blog.
  9. I was super interested in dermatology and what I did was just email a bunch of practices, explained I was applying to PA school, and asked if anyone was willing to let me shadow. I never heard from most, but one PA did email me back and I've been shadowing her for a few weeks now. I also asked NP or nurse friends if they knew of anyone I could shadow. The best thing to do is just ask around. I was emailing everyone it seemed like. Hope this helps!
  10. Okay so I need some advice. I graduated from Purdue University in December 2016. My degree was health science, so I took all of the prereqs during undergrad. I took a year off to work as a medical assistant and plan on applying this upcoming 2018 cycle. However, after one of my shadowing experiences, it was advised that I should retake my Anatomy and Physiology course. I took the class at Purdue as a two semester class: Anatomy and Physiology I and Anatomy and Physiology II. I got an A in the first semester and a C in the second semester. I would like to retake the course to increase my chances. However, my question is this. My community college offers the course, but it does not start until June 5 and I want to submit my application in mid May. Would it be better to retake the class online at UNE, and use my Purdue pre-req but prove to them that I can do well, or would it be more beneficial to take the Advanced Physiology class at my CC but not have it finished when I submit my application? Or do I forget about it entirely and not retake it. As far as prereqs that is my only C. If that makes any sense at all. A little background: Cummulative GPA: 3.54 Science GPA: 3.58 (if I calculated it right) HCE~2000 as a medical assistant in an Urgent Care
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