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  1. I agree about narrowing it down. I applied to about the same number my first time (literally any school that I had the qualifications for) and was denied from all, with the exception of one last minute interview which I was waitlisted at. My second round I applied to maybe 6, had 2 interview invites and was accepted to both. It really only takes 1 school. I look back at all the money and time I wasted. If you are really hoping for a specific school maybe do research, shadow someone if they are a PA that is on the faculty, go to open houses, etc. Good luck!
  2. I applied my first time 2017-2018 cycle and was denied from all schools (including Franklin Pierce) with the exception of one last minute interview which I was wait listed afterwards, however I was told by admissions at that school that the waitlisted never did move. My second cycle was this previous one (2018-2019). My applications were sent in one month earlier this time (May rather than June) and last summer (summer of 2018) I took 2 upper level science courses (ochem and biochem getting A's in both), and continued accruing patient care hours and volunteer hours. I also changed my personal statement and had a lot more people read it to ensure it made sense and flowed well. I was accepted to two schools (including FP this time!), but also applied to fewer schools, narrowing down which schools I would actually go to (my first cycle I applied to a lot of west coast schools, but probably would not have been happy about moving from the east coast.) I agree with effiedoesyoga, I'm not an expert by any means but just keep trying to improve, and better your application, it will happen!!
  3. This means you are on a waitlist to interview. You will receive an invite for an interview if a spot for an interview opens. Then after you interview you are either rejected, waitlisted for a seat in the program, or accepted.
  4. I was waitlisted last cycle. It’s still really early on and I’m almost positive they are still in the processing of conducting interviews. They will reach out to you if there is movement.
  5. Hi there, My story is a little different than yours but maybe this could be helpful? Idk. I was accepted to 2 schools this application cycle, after being rejected from all schools except one last cycle, which I was wait listed at. I'm not sure what changed things this time around, but here's my advice. I would continue to take courses to boost your GPA, but take upper level courses. One of the schools I applied to last cycle outright rejected me, but over the summer I took organic chem which I got an A in, and biochem this semester (which I currently have an A in) and was interviewed and accepted a few weeks ago. Show them you can do well in UPPER level science courses since graduate level courses are going to just as, and definitely more difficult. I don't necessarily think GPA is the be all, I have an average cGPA at 3.4 and sGPA at 3.3. edit: just saw that you did take orgo...maybe then think about a one year masters program? That way when you apply you can show them you can make it through and do well in graduate coursework. What about your personal statement? Have you rewrote that? I completely threw out and rewrote my personal statement. I also had many people actually read it this time (I had no one read it last time.) I found it was helpful since not everyone who read it knew my story and helped me construct it in a way that an interviewer could also follow it and understand my story as well. Where are your LOR coming from? I had a friend remind me how important it is to have a PA write a LOR since that is the type of program you are applying to. Have people who know you the best write them. Last, what about volunteer hours? I had comments at interviews about how it was nice to have candidates that were "well-rounded." Maybe volunteer somewhere already if you haven't or switch it up and volunteer elsewhere! I'm not sure if any of these were helpful. Just things I picked up from my own experiences. Good luck and please don't give up!
  6. Has anyone received any interview invites recently?
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