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  1. At this point I doubt it can hurt your chances. If your turn comes up no one will say...."No, let's not give the spot to this person because they called to inquire about their wait-list status". If anything, it might even help.
  2. I emailed them a couple of weeks back, declining my accepted spot. They have not acknowledged my email yet. There will be more acceptances coming once they get around to those emails, hopefully. Good luck, y'all!
  3. I received an interview invite for February 4th. Check your email people. I'm not going, so there will be more invites coming your way, if you still desire one.
  4. The nutrition class at ACC (Austin Community college) is also Biol 1322.
  5. If I haven't heard from the school (email or snail mail) does that mean I am out of the running?
  6. Hi, Those of you that had allied health licences/ certification before going into PA school (radiology ultrasound, RN, etc) did you maintain it through PA school or after?
  7. It seems like a long way until August, but I'm sure it will be here in no time
  8. I wanted to second everything @Bravo721 said and emphasize that if you can't control your anxiety you might blow it. They really go way out of their way to make this comfortable, I honestly can't think of anything they can do more or better, so if with all the effort they put into this you still can't relax, keep your cool, how are you going to handle way more stressful situations in a clinical setting? Side note: relaxed doesn't mean loose. Emory was my third interview so I have a bit of experience. You will do about one hour tour of the medical side of the campus. When they say wear comfortable shoes, they mean it. Ladies, if you have reservations about ditching those heels (I did), don't. I believe everyone on my interview day wore flats. Period. Also, I know this is October, but Emory is in Georgia. It's still hot and humid. If you come from somewhere up north it's going to hit you like a train. Luckily the tour is after your interview. We all ditched our jackets before we went on the tour. Just keep that in mind and don't stress about it. Don't stress about the writing (boy, was I stressed about the writing!). The prompt is rather broad and gives you a lot of leeway to come up with something. Even if they change the prompt from one interview day to another, I imagine they keep the same format. Just make sure you are coherent in your exposition. That's really what they are looking for. We all took the GRE and had to write an essay on the spot, right?! This one is easier. The last tip I would add is to pay attention during the group interview to everyone and everything. Good luck y'all!
  9. I don't think anyone would notice if you're not present. If it's a 2 groups day there will be about 60 applicants. I had a few reservations about the program and I found that somehow the presentation eased some of the worries, but I wish I had the presentation before the interview.
  10. Around 1pm. Interviews wrapped up at noon and then there was a 1 hour presentation of the program
  11. There isn't. Not that I know of. But we need one
  12. I've never been to Atlanta and I'm interested to know what hotels did you guys used when you went for the interview from the list that they provide. And what did you do for transportation? Rented a car? Used Uber?
  13. I don't think everyone gets an Under Review email. Probably depends on who reviews your application whether they send it or not. I never did get the Under Review email, but I did get an interview. And subsequently got in. Probably be on the lookout for the Interview email rather than the Under Review one.
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