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  1. Maybe, maybe not. Depends on your job and your level of experience in that job. Otherwise you may be a dead-never-made-it-to-PA-school statistics. This is hardly the battle for a rookie. That's why all medical societies and hospital protocols encourage, if not require, that only the most experience of the providers deal with these patients. It is worth mentioning that California in general, and SF in particular have had the best response in the country to this pandemic. You can't compare SF to NY. And, if you make it out alive, it sure will look great on your resume.
  2. There is a major point that is being missed, when all of you that are in the process of applying are worried about your hours, your GPA (turning from letter grade to Pass/Fail), your volunteer hours, and so on. This is not something is affecting just you. This is affecting every single person living on the US soil, and almost every single person on the entire globe. The worries that you have now, were justified maybe in regular times. They are no longer justified in our current situation. Every single applicant is encountering the same difficulties which levels the playing field. To answer OP, if you have asthma which by default puts you at higher risk, stay home. Not only there is not enough PPE to go around, not only the amount of PPE you are provided varies from facility to facility, and literally from day to day, but if you are inexperienced (improper donning on/off the PPE) it can give you a false sense of security which puts you at risk, and everyone around you. Obviously, I don't know your level of experience, that may alter the calculations slightly. You should focus on anything and everything else that will keep you safe and most importantly, alive. There is no such thing as "low risk" anymore. Going to the grocery store is high risk.
  3. I want to second Emilymuff on how challenging online school is. To anyone that has an online degree or did prereqs at a community college and is self conscious about it. Put that out of your mind. If the school has a problem with it, they don't deserve you. But honestly, once we are on the other side of COVID-19, I can't imagine any school looking down on online classes, since literally every single school in the US, PA programs included, was forced into online education. How is this different than your bachelor? Unless they are claiming that the PA education we are getting online now is sub-par. And I don't see any of them making this claim.
  4. Admission to PA school requires/required a letter grade. That said, this is absolutely uncharted territory. The entire country/the entire world has never had to contend with anything like this in recent history. Since there is nothing you can do about it, I would not worry about it. Like, at all! We don't know when this will be over, but it won't be soon. Go with the flow, and you'll figure it out later. And so will the admission committees.
  5. Don't trust media and social media, or our president for that matter. You can trust Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of Allergy and Infectious Disease at NIH. All Chloroquine hype is purely anecdotal, and it comes for a SINGLE, n=20 study in France. There is no evidence it works. As PAs, we practice evidence-based medicine, not anecdotal medicine. There is one patient in the US that self medicated with Chloroquine after hearing that the president hyped it up, and now he is dead. The more advanced countries are struggling because people are not used to limitation on their freedom and are not taking this seriously. It is NOT business as usual. Also, if I were you, still able to go to work, make money, safely, I would not quit. This is here to stay for a while and all PA programs are struggling to see how they will make this work. So far, everything is online. Thank the Universe we live in 2020 and we have the technology we do.
  6. I have an online degree as well and did most of my prerequisites at a community college (all but one, actually, because you cannot really do online science with labs). I applied to 11 schools, I was offered 6 interviews, I accepted 3 interviews. I was accepted at all those 3 schools, two of them top tier. I am now attending a top tier PA school. What mattered: 10 years of clinical experience (truthfully, after 2 years of a full time job, the odds even out), a good personal statement, and a decent GPA (3.5-ish mark). I also had a pretty good GRE, but I honestly don't think they care much about that. And of course, I think I interviewed fairly well because I was able to pull a lot from experience. Rest assured, it's not where you did your schooling that matters, it's who you are as a candidate. Good luck!
  7. At this point I doubt it can hurt your chances. If your turn comes up no one will say...."No, let's not give the spot to this person because they called to inquire about their wait-list status". If anything, it might even help.
  8. I emailed them a couple of weeks back, declining my accepted spot. They have not acknowledged my email yet. There will be more acceptances coming once they get around to those emails, hopefully. Good luck, y'all!
  9. I received an interview invite for February 4th. Check your email people. I'm not going, so there will be more invites coming your way, if you still desire one.
  10. The nutrition class at ACC (Austin Community college) is also Biol 1322.
  11. If I haven't heard from the school (email or snail mail) does that mean I am out of the running?
  12. Hi, Those of you that had allied health licences/ certification before going into PA school (radiology ultrasound, RN, etc) did you maintain it through PA school or after?
  13. It seems like a long way until August, but I'm sure it will be here in no time
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