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  1. I was accepted to the NJ campus back in August and sent my deposit in!!! Anyone else definitely attending?!
  2. Hello everyone, I'm just coming across this thread and just wanted to see if anyone was accepted and is definitely attending the NJ campus in Vorhees? I was accepted back in August and sent my deposit in, just wanted to see who else!
  3. If anyone could please let me know what is appropriate to bring with you on the day of the interview please? Do girls bring a small purse or anything to put their keys in, etc? Do we need a notebook/pen, and is it a good idea to have copies of resume on hand? My school did not tell us to bring anything, but I just want to be prepared. Thank you!
  4. Ok, so shortage of primary care physicians and PAs are needed to fill that void.
  5. I have my first interview this week and I just want to make sure I have everything I need to be fully prepared if anyone can give me some feedback please! For the PA profession, I want to see if there is anything missing that I should know. I prepared on PA history and how the profession came about dating back to the 60's with a shortage of PCP's in the US as well as many PAs were from the Army. I have the first class graduation date/anniversary as well as National PA Week Oct 6-11. I thought it would be important to obviously know what a PA does (do schools expect the AAPA definition?), as well as some roles/duties of PAs such as prescribing medications, ordering lab work, etc. Anything else on the PA profession that I am missing that would be beneficial for the interview? I have the PA interview book, so I know there will be traditional, behavioral, social, ethical questions. Any questions stand out that I should definitely focus on? I know it's important to know all the common questions... Why PA? Why not med school, difference b/w PA and NP, why you want to attend the program, etc. If anyone has any other information or thoughts please share as this is my first interview for PA school! Thanks in advance!!!!
  6. Would anyone be so kind to explain to me about the medical model and how that relates / falls under a PA? We’re not taught this in under grad and I know it’s an important concept in this field so I would just like some more information on it. Thank you!
  7. Does anyone know if the Glenside or Christiana campus is more competitive? Or equally the same? Thanks for any help!!
  8. Once you submit on CASPA, your application is final so unfortunately I can't go back and edit the statement since it has been submitted. I can, however apply to more schools that don't go through CASPA and rewrite a new statement. I only have one on that list so far that I was originally applying to. I'm trying to find more, but many of the programs participate through CASPA And that application is already final for me unfortunately.
  9. Can anyone recommend any NON- CASPA participating schools? I've looked online and only found a few and on some lists those schools do participate with CASPA. I need more options Thank you!
  10. Well, There's one school I'm finishing applying to that doesn't participate with CASPA so I will be changing this entire statement. Any ideas/suggestions on what to improve and change?
  11. Wow, that is very misleading. I have seen online and people use the 's so I honestly didn't know. I always wondered and would look online to see and still saw "physician's assistant" I hope this isn't a reason I'm rejected to all 15 schools..
  12. For those that asked about my personal statement, here it is. It was tough with the word limit on CASPA. I had to cut things out I wanted in there and felt as there wasn't enough on my experiences relating to why I specifically want to be PA, as well as why I am so passionate about becoming one... Please let me know what you think. I had it proofread from multiple English professors and peer reviewed my students. I received feedback from Thomas Jefferson that it was a strong statement letter, but now I am feeling very nervous about it. “So, what do you want to be when you grow up?” I used to dread this question as a child; mostly, because I never quite knew how to answer it. I thought that maybe I wanted to be a cheerleader, or a gymnast, or a basketball player, but I always knew that none of those things were the answer that adults were looking for when they asked such a question. One night when I was a freshman in high school, my dad and I were over at my Pop Pop’s for dinner. Grandma had been gone for a few months now and although Pop Pop was doing well, I had never seen him so sad. That night he pulled me aside and began telling me how much I was starting to remind him of my grandmother, which I was ecstatic about because she was my absolute hero. Then he said to me, “Kia, you know why God gave you two hands, don’t you?” I asked why and he said, “God gave you one hand to help yourself, and he gave you the second to help others.” He gave me a big hug, and he went back to the table and let me finish watching my show. I was just a teenager and I did not think anything of it at the time. A year had passed and I was finally realizing my nightmare. My Pop Pop was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic cancer. Dad and I went and visited him every day in the hospital and, as I watched him become weaker and weaker, I would see more and more of the hospital staff come in to check on him, to change his bed pan and to bring him food. Towards the end, I could see that all of the little amenities, while present, did not concern my Pop Pop so much -- he was tired. I could see though, how much it meant to my father. I could see in his face the gratitude and the comfort he felt in knowing that his father, his hero’s last days, were spent in the hands of people who really seemed to care almost as much as we did. I could see how thankful he was for everyone who cared for my Pop Pop until the day that we received the news that he had passed. A few months later I found myself sitting in my guidance counselor’s office, once again being asked, “So, what do you want to be when you grow up?” I stopped, and I thought hard for a few minutes, then I looked down at my hands and remembered what my Pop Pop had said. I immediately looked up, smiled, and said, “I want to do something meaningful. I want to be able to help care for people.” Because of the quality of care that my Pop Pop had received, I could be confident that his final days were as comfortable as possible. I knew that because of the people providing the care, my family could rest at night knowing that someone was always there for him, and there for us. Because of the people in that hospital, I too wanted to be there for people, helping them get better and helping families through their struggles. Because of my Pop Pop, I knew I wanted to use my second hand to help others. I have never wanted to be someone who simply commutes to work to do a job and get paid, but rather, someone whose life serves a true purpose -- someone whose life holds a true value to others. I know that by becoming a Physician’s Assistant, I will be working as the same kind of person my father had so much appreciation for. I know that by becoming a Physician’s Assistant, I will be making my dreams come true, making my grandparents proud, and most of all I will be making a positive impact on the world around me. I know that attending the Master of Health Sciences Physician Assistant Program is the best way to continue my pursuit of these dreams, and I look forward to the day that I can finally say that I am living my life for more than just me. UPMC Altoona marks my initial steps into the healthcare world. I volunteered at the hospital early in my college career and later received an externship in their Emergency Department. My role involved shadowing numerous PA’s in the ED in addition to the trauma rooms. I was able to observe and learn an abundance of new information in regard to the important role that Physician Assistants play in the healthcare field. This experience also served as an excellent platform for my understanding of the healthcare industry as a whole. While I was still building my qualifications in the last round of PA school applications, I did not let that deter my motivation. Instead, I looked at it as an opportunity to fulfill more patient contact hours and to gain critical patient contact experience. Additionally, I adopted this path with the confidence that I would learn new information that will only help me in my future goals of becoming a PA. On top of working, I enrolled three additional courses through Montgomery Community College in order to add weight to my application. I continued to hold my Medical Assistant position at Center For Dermatology as well as receiving a new position in Mohs Surgery at Yardley Dermatology in November of 2017. The experience I have gained this past year has truly been amazing and I know that it has served to expand on the qualities that make me a great prospective candidate.
  13. Yes, I applied to all of those schools you mentioned! I applied to 15 schools total and branched out to a few states. I'm hoping I applied to enough as I'm now getting nervous that my stats aren't good enough or something was missing from my personal statement
  14. Well the crazy thing is I just found out another girl I went to PSU with received an interview from Rutgers and had a lower cumulative AND science gpa than me but had 3000 hours. So that is very surprising. The one thing I believe is I am in the process of taking organic chem and she already took it so I’m sure not having that done affected me as well
  15. My patient contact experience in the Mohs surgery currently consists of setting the patients up for the procedure, numbing and bandanding patients between stages, assisting in the closures/reconstruction, going over wound care with them, taking their sutures out and then of course little tasks like sending prescriptions over, scheduling patients appointments, dealing with administration stuff as well. My last medical assistant position was in a general derm office where I brought patients back and ask reason for visit, past medical history, etc. I also performed the excimer laser on patients with psoriasis and alopecia. I feel as this is good patient contact and very hands on. Am I wrong? Comments?
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