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  1. Me too! I will be declining since I have accepted a seat in another program. Best of luck!!
  2. I will echo what has been mentioned above. I had to bite the bullet and take General Biology 1 and 2 last fall in order to check off some boxes for my applications this cycle. It was frustrating at the time, but I took them online and had them both completed in 10 weeks. Now, I know not all schools accept online labs or sciences in general so you have to look into that aspect, but it took the sting out of needing to complete those classes in a traditional 16 weeks per class scenario. I will say, having a bachelor of science already and (at the time) nearly 200 credit hours of transcripts with some upper level BIO, and as you said being a more "mature" student, that I learned quite a bit in those classes. Plus, if its 2 more A's you're adding in there, even better for your GPA! To answer your question about why its a requirement, I do not have much insight into it besides the fact that the extreme competitiveness of getting into these programs has admission committees working to come up with what they feel will get them the type of applicants they desire applying to their programs. I start PA school this January, and although GEN BIO 1 and 2 were not pre-reqs for the particular program I was accepted to, adding those credits and the A's that came with them did nothing but improve my application. Eye on the prize.
  3. Hi all! I received an interview invite 8/26. I will be declining since I've already accepted a seat into my top choice program. I really hope this means that someone else who is waiting for an interview invite with ATSU will get one really really soon!
  4. Hi all! I was also offered a seat off the waitlist yesterday!! There is another post on here for the class of 2022 for those accepted with the FB link included. In order to join the FB page you have to answer a question that can only be answered if you have received your email from the program regarding admission.
  5. I received an email asking if I would like to keep my waitlist status. I almost went into cardiac arrest because the banner came down the top of my phone with "Yale PA online" and the subject was "response needed-waitlist status". LOL seriously I went through 5 emotions at once all for an email making sure I wanted to stay on the waitlist. ***and I'm still grateful for being on the waitlist**
  6. Hey, sometimes the we have to believe things happen for a reason, right? So, what school are you starting at soon? How exciting!!!
  7. waitlisted. Guess I better get to writing that personal statement and submitting CASPA to the 2 schools that are local to me.
  8. I believe there have been rejections a while back, but I am not sure if those people had interviews also, or if they received rejections based on their application only.
  9. I had both interviews on June 5th, and I took the CASPer on the 2nd. I had the official transcript of my only outstanding pre-req sent over last weekend.
  10. aw, thanks!! I'm doing fine!! As much as I'm hoping I hear today like you all have, I can not let it get to me too much. I am keeping the faith that what is meant to be is how it will be.
  11. I'm SO happy for you!!!!!! Was she one of your interviewers?
  12. my phone just rang and it was my husband...ya my heart jumped out of my chest lol... today would be a good day for me to be really busy lol
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