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  1. Congratulations! I'm hoping to receive the same call but for now, focused on completing and applying early to this upcoming application cycle *fingers crossed*
  2. I was unfortunately rejected and interviewed on 3/26 Congratulations to everyone else that was accepted this cycle! I am grateful to have even made it this far. It was definitely a great learning experience as Touro was the first MMI - Multiple Mini Interview (extremely intense) session I encountered this cycle. Will definitely prep better for that next cycle.
  3. Interviewed on 2/2 & have not heard a peep :- ( wondering if the class has been fully seated yet... or if anyone’s been put on a waitlist?
  4. Just received an invite to interview on 3/26! Excited to meet everyone there
  5. I just received an email stating the class is officially full & that I’ve been placed on the alternate list. Keeping my fingers crossed & hoping for the best but also taking this experience as an opportunity to better my application for next cycle! Congratulations to everyone accepted this cycle!!
  6. Someone I know spoke to the dean and said because there were so many interviews that day they’re still currently working on it! Stay positive!
  7. Nothing yet. It seems like from this forum, a few people got acceptances the Monday after their interview but I haven’t seen/heard anything. Hoping for the best *fingers crossed* good luck everyone!!!
  8. Undergrad: Cal State Long Beach, B.A. Human Development CASPA Cumulative GPA: 3.34 (didn't do well freshman year 1.7 GPA, last 60 3.7 GPA) CASPA Science GPA: 3.43 Age: 23 GRE: V152 (56%), Q151 (42%), W5.0 (92%) PCE: MA in multi-specialty clinic, rotated between 30+ practitioners - 1400 hours Surgical Assistant in plastic surgery office - 1450 hours Internship for MA certification in cardiologist office - 240 hours Volunteer/Leadership: Executive Intern at Non-profit working with at-risk youth - 96 hours Volunteer Coordinator in Hospice - 60 hours Soup Kitchen Volunteer - 80 hours Recreational Volunteer at Senior Center - 270 hours 3-week volunteer/study abroad in S. Africa working with students and orphans throughout the townships Awards: Departmental Student of the Month Departmental Honors (3.5+ GPA in major) Presidents List LOR: 1 PA, 1 Surgeon, 1 Professor (nominated me for Student of the Month) Shadowing: 20 hours - DO 30 hours - Orthopedic PA 40 hours - Orthopedic Surgeon Applying to: FIFTEEN DIFFERENT SCHOOLS (maybe a bit overboard, but I'm nervous since my GPA is on the lower end and because I submitted very late in the cycle. I honestly hope there is still a chance.) Interview invites: (3) SCUHS, Loma Linda, Touro U. CA Denied: All except 2 Withdrawn Application: Will Update Waitlisted: SCUHS & Loma Linda Accepted: no acceptances this cycle Attempt: First
  9. Currently crying because after 4-weeks I get an undelivered noticed because they accidentally accepted another person’s transcripts with a similar name but different birthday. 4-weeks after my transcripts were marked as “received and completed”. This is just insane to me because I was checking/calling in every week to see if there was an error or something that needed to be done on my part, but they kept assuring me my application was complete and in the process of verification. Undelivered changes the completed date of my application and CASPAs email to me explicitly states they don’t accept refunds. But this was not my fault and 3 of the schools I applied to had a 9/1 deadline (only needed to be completed) while I submitted 8/10. I don’t know what to do.
  10. I submitted 8/10 & still have not been verified... it’s already been 4-weeks & they state on their website completed applications are reviewed in chronological order so I’m really stressing out. I keep calling but all they’ve told me is “...nothing we can do, takes 2-4 weeks...” the holiday (Labor Day) adds on an extra day or two as well. All of my transcripts had been submitted since June as well as my LORs, so I really don’t know what’s going on. They have told me there is nothing wrong with my application either.
  11. Thank you so much for this feedback! I had been looking into Stanford, but I know my GPA is pretty subpar so I didn't think I stood a chance. However, researching more I know they really focus on underserved communities which is where I am passionate about doing more in. I just have to take the GRE & I'm planning on doing so within the next month or so.
  12. I really wish I could apply to every single school, in state & out of state, but unfortunately due to my circumstances it just isn’t feasible to do so. I’m a single mom so I need to stay in state because I have support from my family here to help with my son. True, WesternU is definitely one of the harder programs to get into but my top school as of right now is Touro. If you don’t mind sharing your stats with me? & what other programs did you apply to in CA? Just so I can see what my prospectives are.
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