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  1. Hello! I am starting PA school in May and have considered buying an ipad to help take notes and what. I think the pen function of writing on powerpoints and what not would be helpful and cut down on things i need to cary around. Or do you think a laptop would do roughly the same? I was wondering what other people found useful? I guess it depends on the person and what they prefer to some extent, but I was wondering if anyone had some insight! Thanks!!
  2. I believe they are still interviewing! They are undergoing review in march
  3. I got my acceptance email today! Good luck in your interviews hopefully they go well! cGPA: 3.43 sGPA: 3.3 GRE: 305 about 1000 hours as a CNA in a nursing home, TA for a class at school, and 200 hours volunteer work in a very specific area, I shadowed a few PAs and strong letters of REC
  4. I interviewed here and loved it! Waiting to hear back in the next week or so!
  5. Hello! Has anyone been placed on the wait list (alternate candidate list) and know how many people are generally on it? Or does anyone know when I am most likely to get an acceptance call (if at all)? I imagine it varies school by school, but I am wondering what my chances are and the school I have been waitlisted at does not provide much information. Any guidance or success stories would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Anyone from October 18th-19th interviews heard anything? Figured we would know by now and was hoping they wouldn't take the three weeks.
  7. So do they not send out any emails saying that people were denied? I never heard back from them, but I at least thought I would have gotten an email saying I did not get in? Anyone else in a similar situation?
  8. Hello! After submitting my application how long does it take before hearing back for programs that do rolling admissions? Waiting is killing me! I would love to hear advice or past experiences! Thanks guys!
  9. Was just wondering if anyone could comment on my chances for PA school as I am applying this cycle with one more year to go on my bachelors. cGPA: 3.41 sGPA: 3.35 ( I got C+'s in biochem, gen chem 1, and gen bio 1 :/) I play a collegiate sport, TA a physio class, and work as a certified crisis counselor (volunteer). I have about 750 PCE hours as a CNA. Shadowing: 20 hours with internal med PA GRE: Q 153 V 150. I am really not sure where I fall. At times I think applying enough places will give me a good chance. Other times I feel really down about my few C grades. ?
  10. Hello! I have filled out my caspa application, although not submitted anything, and was wondering where it shows your gpa and your science gpa? I am not sure where to find it or if it is because they have to have your transcripts sent to them first? Please let me know! Thanks.
  11. Hello! I have a low gpa (c3.4, s3.5) and unfortunately it is because I haven't done well in some of my prereqs. I got a C in gen chem and biochem as well as physio. I am graduating in a year and was wondering if it would look better if I started a grad program to build a good post bach gpa or retook these classes? In addition, I was wondering which schools anyone knows of that does a holistic application review? I am not looking for specific area, just curious what schools people know of. Any advice please!!
  12. Hello! My first time applying will be this spring. I am not sure about how competitive I am and was hoping for advice or advice about what schools I can get into with these stats? cGPA: 3.41 sGPA: 3.49 PCE: over 1,000 as a CNA in a nursing home Volunteer Work: certified crisis counselor for hotline, over 200 hours Extra: play varsity sport for D1 college, TA a physiology lab at school I know this is short and you can't tell much from this but any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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