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  1. Thank you! I guess I over-associated prerequisites with getting a degree in a science. I knew I'd get some clarity here! :)
  2. I'm 25 and I have a Bachelor's degree in marketing. However, I have always wanted to be a dermatologist's PA as long as I can remember, but didn't think I should/could because of the money. My plan back in freshman year was to get a fairly easy business degree and then save up to go to grad school and work in the business side of healthcare. I've been accepted to a Master's program in Healthcare Administration but I've had doubts ever since I got the letter because I can't even find a job as a front desk employee for a healthcare facility. I've done a lot of research on HC Administration and have worked in executive administrative positions in order to help me get an entry-level position/internship but nobody is interested because I don't have any clinical experience. My question is, do I register for classes and earn my MHA in hopes that job prospects will open up once I finish grad school, or do I pursue my original dream of being a PA? Should I forget PA school entirely and get certified to work in a clinical position for a while before trying the HC Admin route again? The only big thing really holding me back from PA school is that I didn't get a bachelor's in any science discipline (big mistake, I should've realized sooner). I would have to start completely from the bottom and get a whole new bachelor's degree while going to EMT school/working as an EMT to earn my hours before I can even think about applying to PA school. Has anyone been in this situation before? I've read lots of posts about similar situations and it's been great, but I just need a little extra help with this one! Any advice would be great. Thank you all for your help!
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